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Student Journey

RICOH facilitates the integration of the student in his new environment, through mobility and connection that transform the university experience.​

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Heading off to college is a major life change for the majority of students. Part of your role is to help make that transition as seamless as possible for them. At RICOH, we believe we can help narrow this gap by helping students transcend the transition neatly.

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The Candidate

The goal of a higher education entity is to attract students of a promising profile, including campaigns and initiatives that target the appropriate audience and providing the appropriate incentives to initiate dialogue. It is a circular process where the institution disseminates its value proposition with the goal of attracting the student who in turn has the affinity and desire to enter.

The Applicant

Improve the experience of the student, staff and educators at the beginning, by streamlining processes, and paving the way in one of the key phases with first impressions. The digital generation expects a speedy response, combined with uninterrupted, efficient and accurate processes. Any experience to the contrary would be a source of frustration among applicants from the beginning of the process.
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Recently admitted student

The Admitted

Once accepted to the institution of higher education, educational institutions have the task of connecting with those admitted and providing them with more than information. It is creating an expectation of the coming experience, creating social communication environments with other students and groups that will be part of the student's life, for the next four years.

The Student

Entering college is life changing for most students, so the role of the institution is to retain the best students and ensure that they succeed in college and the workforce. To achieve retention and graduation, the best strategy is for the student to perform as best as possible, using the best available technology in synergy with the most up-to-date learning concepts.
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The Graduate

The conclusion of the academic program is not the goal, rather it is just the beginning of a new phase for the student, as they prepare to face life in their communities and become a part of the professional world. Disconnection between these two worlds can be stressful and lacking in productivity for both the graduate and the market.


  • Campus Print

    Create all your graphic materials in professional print quality and optimize your resources with the ability to select different types of print according to your needs.​

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  • EDU Card

    The simplification of payment processes on campus, presents some of the most common challenges in educational institutions.                                                       

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  • Student Records

    The retention, access and security of the information are vital elements for the handling of the students' files.                                                                                              

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  • Intelligent Classroom

    Adopt better educational practices driven by innovative trends to attract and retain more students.

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  • Test Grading

    RICOH solutions automate and reduce the time invested in this process.                      

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  • Huddle Room

    Changing how people communicate, learn and collaborate.                                                                      

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  • Admissions

    Perfecting the attention to students during the admission process.

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