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Classroom Cloud

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Improving education everywhere

In order to deliver the necessary educational experience in today's world, e-learning tools and access to digital content are key. We need to simplify and manage delivery of that content to educational institutions, overcoming the challenges of infrastructure and limitations of connectivity.

Whats is RICOH Classroom Cloud?

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The RICOH Classroom Cloud solution is part of Intelligent Classroom solutions, and allows teachers to act as mentors by helping students to obtain knowledge and content cured, manage and distribute them in a safe with or without Internet, Classroom Cloud manages, filters and optimizes connectivity in the classroom to provide an education differentiated.


The centralized cloud service enables remote administration and device usage (BYOD) implemented in schools and universities. RICOH Classroom Cloud allows to students and teachers to interact and collaborate even virtually and throughout the world.


Classroom Cloud comes with Foundation LMS, a basic learning management system which provides student resources and teachers to enable the Digital Experience and / or distance learning. For requirements more advanced, Classroom Cloud is packed with Moodle, a leading LMS, to allow more advanced implementations of experience of e-Learning.



  • Use of digital technologies
  • Mobile learning and BYOD
  • Working environments collaborative and personalized.
  • Access to knowledge and democratization of education
  • Universities and colleges now compete with other resources of learning
  • Globalized talent
  • New funding resources and university funding


    The use of technologies such as social media, applications and the internet are tools that help support the learning process

    • Connectivity
    • Availability
    • Access to global content
    • New competencies in students

    Value proposition

    RICOH Classroom Cloud guarantees the availability of digital content in the classroom, with or without connectivity and internet in the classroom and with existing infrastructure. The proposal includes:


    1. Tools support for class
    2. Basic LMB (Moodle)
    3. Wikipedia
    4. Khan academy


    RICOH Classroom Cloud provides a range of capabilities that facilitate healing, publishing, management and consumption of content for students, teachers and administrators of the institution. All of these are delivered in a framework that is powerful yet flexible and customizable.


    How does Classroom Cloud work?

    The Classroom Cloud solution integrates cloud-based content, curation and administration with a point of local presence. The result is the power of cloud-based e-Learning even in locations who do not always have access to the Internet:

    EDU card
    • Local Wi-Fi for students and teachers, you can access to applications, services and contents directly.

    • Content and local repository, content in the form of text and other resources can be loaded content cured in a manner centralized, and distributed to any device in the classroom authorized class on a link of network, as well as HTTP and websites HTTPS to have an experience customized content for the class.

    • Content in the cloud, contents can be administered and manage safely, create user access levels for a region or country.

    How does the content arrive in the classroom?


    Universities and colleges are in a state of change. As the gap between the university and corporate school and the traditional, institutions are forced to educate themselves to jobs that do not yet exist and for technology that has not been invented. If we join this with the shifters expectations of a generation conformed by constant connectivity of high speed that offers unlimited information regardless of location, time of day or need, it is not surprising that the traditional classroom with rows of seats will soon be a thing of the past. RICOH helps change experience in the classroom to meet the expectations of students to help universities and schools to prepare for digital transformation by improving the overall quality of teaching.