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Ricoh Education Analytics Platform

Ricoh Education Analytics Platform

Strategic Decision-Making Support for Higher Education.


The importance of analytics

The day-to-day workings of an institution of higher learning generate complex operating tasks that should not be confused with the long-term strategic decisions made by the institution's governing body. In this context, analytics represent a fundamental tool for improving the institution’s indicators and its steady, long-term growth.


Revolutionize decision-making with the RICOH Education Analytics Platform solution. 


The RICOH Education Analytics Platform is a solution that supports the decision-making process for educational institutions of higher learning.

Based on a cognitive application that analyzes and interprets data from various sources, the RICOH Education Analytics Platform presents statistical results in a graphic, interactive and user-friendly way, making it possible to customize views and information depending on the needs of the institution. 


The RICOH HighEd Analytics Platform is responsive to the needs of its customers.


Value for the academic director

Maintaining the academic performance of students, the quality of education and graduation rates at a high level are some of the main concerns of the academic director. RICOH tools make it possible to better understand the performance of teachers and students in an assertive way and to take the appropriate measures at an early stage in order to maintain the highest possible academic performance.


Value for the CFO and CIO

CFOs and CIOs aim to secure the infrastructure and appropriate investments for the institutions where they work, while paying attention to the financial viability of different educational projects and trying to monitor revenues and control costs. Basing your decisions on concrete data is essential to guarantee the best possible return on these investments.

Value for the dean and president of the institution

Considering the competitive educational market, one aspect of the Dean’s role at the institution is to look for ways to differentiate it from the competition. The institution strives for brand recognition that can be valued and appreciated over the years, based on the strategic decisions and investments made at the present time. There are some indicators that are key for that, such as school ranking, academic recognition and sponsorships. RICOH brings value by offering the availability of analytical data, thus facilitating strategic decision-making for the institution.

Analytics offered through a Consulting Services approach.            

RICOH HighEd Analytics Platform is a consulting service-focused solution that involves an assessment of the institution’s needs, which is customized depending on the different sources of information available. This information is then integrated and analyzed through a cognitive application that allows the results to be displayed using digital visualization tools.

How is information integrated and analyzed?

*RICOH has established partnerships with companies such as IBM and Tableau to offer comprehensive solutions to its customers.

The following components are included in the RICOH HighEd Analytics Platform Solution:

  • Consulting Services
  • Hardware and Software
  • Module Development and Installation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Professional Services