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Improving the on-campus digital experience for students.


At RICOH we offer students value-added services inside their institution to unlock access to content, payments, digital services and printing for an improved student and employee experience. There are two lines of service at the Student Services Center: Digital and Printing Services and EduCard Services:


Digital and Printing Services

Print environments that feature a combination of traditional and digital printouts. Among the services offered are printing and shipping for web-based projects, which extend far beyond printing and may include design services and Cross media campaigns.


  • Offer a wide range of services and limit outsourcing risk
  • Provide quick response
  • Minimize production and operational expenses

These Services Include:


These Services Include:



An e-commerce site that can feature the educational institution’s emblem or specific department’s trademark with colors, logos and custom products that enable digital printing centers to facilitate the exchange of information through the use of an online tool, via the web browser, and in doing so, offer 24/7 web-based print services to students, administrators and professors.

girl printing in school
Students printing

Books on demand

RICOH’s e-book printing solution is leading the way with high-speed features, top-notch production print machines, workflow solutions and finishing options. The solution is designed to streamline the influx of jobs, facilitate management, automate workflows, track status in order to lower costs and enable faster response times.

Customization and variable data

Perform custom jobs more quickly with variable data printing technology. Variable data printing helps you to get the most out of your digital printing equipment. Whether you need to create a simple direct-mail project or a complex marketing campaign, the solution guarantees that variable data print jobs will be processed quickly and accurately in order to meet the demands and deadlines of your customers.

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Woman using computer

Cross media marketing

A fully integrated marketing software solution for data-based printing, PURL, email, SMS, social networks, mobile media and image customization. It enables educational institutions and universities to create, customize and automate marketing across all media outlets.

Knowledge of HTML programming is not required. As a result of its unbeatable level of integration and automation, you will be able to create campaigns and run applications in a faster and more profitable way. The simplicity of design, appropriate data and process management or thorough response tracking all lend themselves to a solution that can be easily accessed from your browser.


Wide-format printing

RICOH’s wide-format printing solution, which uses latex inks, has additional advantages that have caught the attention of student printing service centers interested in producing top-notch banners for events, transit signage and other interior and exterior applications on a wide variety of substrates.

We also feature wide-format solutions for the architecture, construction and engineering industries, which are very much in demand at educational institutions where students and professors are involved in these career paths.

Large printed banner
textile rolls

Textile printing

Our textile printing solution offers the option to apply any color to cotton fabrics. This digital printing technology works on any color garment and produces meticulous detail, a feat that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Textile printing is perfect for creating one-of-a-kind t-shirts or doing small print runs quickly.


Printing press

RICOH offers its customers commercial printing centers where applications are developed that range from textbooks, marketing brochures, administrative letterhead, coupons or inserts with static information to more complex applications with dynamic information.



RICOH’s EduCard Solution was designed to help colleges and universities simplify, streamline and modernize on-campus payment processes. EduCard can be integrated with most on-campus services so that staff and students can use their university ID card or mobile device to pay for services like dining, snacks, collegiate merchandise, printing (cloud), copying and scanning, among other things. EduCard can also be used to improve security at educational institutions by controlling access to buildings, laboratories, the library, parking lots, etc.


  • Flexible modular software
  • Consumption and cost control
  • Better student and staff experience
  • Operational agility
  • EduCard offers the option of starting with an initial solution to which new services may be added through
    additional modules that support the institutions’ continued expansion.

These Services Include:


These Services Include:

students using smartphone at vending machine

Veding Machine

Both students and staff of institutions can automatically pay for their vending and snack machine purchases as well as beverages offered at the institutions by using their ID card without the need to carry any cash for making purchases.


Printing Kiosk

On-campus printing can be done at multiple locations or in a centralized format with accurate and detailed records on utilization, available balances, and the number of copies made.

Printing kiosks
students waiting in line


Simplifies and streamlines transaction processing at the university, speeding up check-out lines, issuing receipts quickly with an option to change product prices, as well as a partial payment feature.




Payment and refill station

Cards can be refilled at on-campus payment locations. The administrator tops off the balance to the desired amount. This amount is added to the existing balance on the student’s card or to the corporate account of the institution’s employee, with the updated card balance displayed onscreen to the consumer to facilitate communication with users and provide greater transparency around transaction data.



ID card payment