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Experience at a Digital Workplace

Rectors and Finance at a Digital Workplace Experience

RICOH gives your institution the ability to create a fully connected, automated and collaborative environment for students, parents and employees. Our solutions enrich the student's academic experience while improving the workplace experience for the school's administrative staff, reducing costs through automation, and enabling the highest levels of administrative control that result in an educational activity more profitable, sustainable and recognized.

Rectors in a Digital Workplace Experience

Digital Workplace

While students and parents expect a high-quality and affordable education, awards and recognitions are key indicators for the principal of a school. The good performance of students and teachers plays an important role in the longevity of the institution, be it for decades or centuries.

RICOH has the experience to increase educational quality in a differentiated school environment, key factors to boost high performance and obtain awards and recognitions.

Some of the RICOH Solutions for Rectors are:


  • Ricoh Consulting Services
  • Ricoh Digitalization
  • Ricoh Development of Presential and Remote Teachers

Student using cellphone
Student using cellphone

Finance / IT in a Digital Workplace Experience

Seeking ways to increase revenue per student, generate new revenue streams and reduce administrative costs is critical to maintaining the financial viability and investment power of a school.

RICOH can provide the Finance / IT area with integrated technology and security that reduce academic costs, while improving the quality of education.

The institution can also expect revenue growth through new offers of services in the institution.

Some of the RICOH Solutions for Finance / IT are:

  • RICOH Student Services
  • RICOH EduCard
  • RICOH Digitalization
  • RICOH Mobility & Collaboration


  • RICOH Creator Lab

    Combining learning with experiences.

  • RICOH Steam Lab

    Encouraging children through technology.

  • RICOH Intelligent Classroom

    Adopt better educational practices driven by innovative trends to attract and retain more students.

  • RICOH New Virtual School

    Increasing cooperation and productivity in teaching.

  • RICOH Admissions

    Perfecting the attention to students during the admission process.                   

  • RICOH Student Records

    The retention, access and security of the information are vital elements for the handling of the students' files.

  • Ricoh Education Analytics Platform

    Strategic Decision-Making Support for Higher Education.

  • RICOH Managed Print Services      

    Modernize, automate and streamline your campus printing.

  • RICOH Student Services Center     

    Improving the on-campus digital experience for students.

  • RICOH Classroom Cloud

    Manages, filters and optimizes connectivity in the classroom to provide an education differentiated.

  • RICOH IT Infrastructure

    We manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure and implement strategic methods to improve operations and reduce costs.