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Renovation of the technological infrastructure of the clasrroms, for a high level training in El Salvador.

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Despite its successful programs, ISEADE had an obsolete way of teaching and maintained high costs of per diem in international professors who were invited to teach classes and conferences. The educational center wanted to improve the innovation of its technological infrastructure to teach graduate students and attract a greater number of aspiring students to postgraduate and graduate degrees, thus allowing it to compete with universities that offer online master's degrees.

Additionally, the infrastructure did not allow it to expand its schedule of classes in more flexible schedules that gave students the way to fulfill their professional commitments and at the same time successfully complete their master's studies.





In 2017 ISEADE initiated the renovation of the technological infrastructure of its classrooms, for a high level training in El Salvador. This service was designed to improve the academic experience in the classroom by deploying a complete smart classroom to provide students with flexible schedules, receiving live classes, remote participation, laboratories, development, etc.

The whole solution poses a 100% technological and automated environment which will provide a better use of the facilities, in turn it is expected to generate a reduction in travel costs, per diem, among others, used for international professors.

RICOH captured the need of the university, placing the collaboration solution that includes UCS Advanced videoconferencing, interactive technology tools that make the classroom intelligent such as interactive screen, projector, audio and video systems, furniture. The objective is the ability to teach distance learning, travel savings for international professors, have the option of recruiting teachers with higher level curricula and credentials, achieve student interaction with inverted classes, and expand the size of classrooms by teaching. In conclusion, greater interaction, virtual learning, reduction of costs and risks of setbacks in professor logistics, greater competitiveness and a higher value offer.


About the customer

Our client, ISEADE, is the Higher Institute of Economics and Business Administration, leader in the development of master's and postgraduate programs. The institute has the motto "Managers Training Managers", which is put into practice through its 3 strategic areas: the academic area, the research area and the social projection. ISEADE also develops conferences on business topics.



  • ISEADE has estimated an increase of 40% of the population of MASTERS and the growth of 35% of profits from new income. It also plans strategic alliances with international institutions and last but not least, estimates a 25% reduction in travel costs.
  • Reduction of OPEX through:

    • The reduction in travel expenses, per diem, among others up to a month and a half, used for international professors.

    • Reduction of administrative staff time to place the necessary equipment for a class to take place.

    • Systems and equipment with lower energy consumption.

  • Increase in student satisfaction by improving teaching in the classroom.
  • Flexibility to provide new master schedules in the future.
  • Expansion of coverage at national and international level:

    • Provide a Master's scheme for other countries.

    • Provide a master's degree program face-to-face and online nationwide.