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UCV - Universidad César Vallejo

Case Study: UCV - Universidad César Vallejo

Improve student experience and satisfaction in the campus and streamline teacher processes.





students in the university

One of the key challenges has been to improve the quality of content that teachers prepare and for that we had to devote time and effort intended to correct examinations. Correcting the evidence required the investment of much time and money, which by implementing the Ricoh solution is intended now improve the quality of teaching and improve the curriculum material of University.


"Ricoh had educational solutions at other universities and we knew they could support us in the ideas we had raised. The result was very interesting. They were adapted to the needs we had and we are innovating. These solutions save us at least one million dollars in work."

Juan Manuel Pacheco

General Manager.

UCV - Universidad César Vallejo






Our initial proposal was based on a traditional MPS solution, with some advantages over its previous vendor. Based on economy and control, but along with the dean we were also able to implement Campus solutions Print to meet students' printing needs. Our trust in Ricoh has made us continue to develop proposals aligned with the needs of the University, so we decided to face a new challenge, to reduce costly proof correction time.

To this end, we have developed the Testing & Grading tool, which allows teachers to create their exams, submit them to the University website, print out question and answer cards to be flagged, scan the answers, and correct them in record time (4). minutes per exam) and post the grades on your site.


About Universidad César Vallejo 

In 1991, engineer César Acuña Peralta had the vocation and vision to improve the teaching that until then was offered throughout Peru. So it was, that in November of that year he decided to found the César Vallejo University in the city from Trujillo. It had only 58 students, but the desire to advance led it to carry on with this dream and make it count.

Cesar Vallejo University keeps its promise of growth focused on meet the educational needs of Peru's most popular areas, it has 11 university campuses, 7,500 employees, of which 4,500 are teachers and a student population of 120,000 undergraduate students.




Results for the customer

The results were obvious to the university. Although not all careers adopt the use of branded exams, 90% of them have done so and this has meant significant savings per year of hours paid by the University to correct the tests. Now teachers could devote more time to improving their materials and devote to students. According to the dean of the university, this saved 1 million man-hours a year and, as a result, hundreds of thousands of dollars just to correct evidence.

Results for Ricoh

As a result of this powerful tool developed by Ricoh Peru, the University also sees the need to start the 2016 academic year by progressively replicating the solution on the other 10 campuses. It also opens the door to the introduction of more high-volume equipment and the implementation of digitization lines from the same process and other processes that could be managed on campuses.