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Credit Approval

Control and reduce the times in the processes for the Approval of Credits and Payment of indemnities.

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Credit Approval allows financial companies and / or insurers to act immediately, with the flexibility to complete forms on their devices and integrate the notice of loss and send it safely to begin the process of payment of compensation or credits.

Organizes, indexes, standardizes and controls in a structured way so that the credit requests and related information to obtain the resolution in the shortest possible time.


  • Document capture, data, writing and photos.
  • Instant transfer of information from the place and time of the incident.
  • Geo-tagging information.
  • Determines file destination.
  • Safeguard information.
  • Reduce redundant data input.
  • Optimize times for delivery of results.
  • Get a complete and up-to-date history.
  • Share data and supporting documents with the interested areas.
  • Turn tedious tasks into automated system operations.
  • Standardize the resolution to facilitate reading.

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