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Huddle room

Huddle Room

Changing how people communicate, learn and collaborate.

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16% The unified communications deployment rate has doubled since 2010.*

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With Ricoh's Huddle Room solution, you and your organization will benefit from true interactive team collaboration. See and listen to the ideas of your team - even when they are miles away. Our handheld technology lets you quickly create meetings with groups or individuals in multiple locations with a simple Internet connection.


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Get benefits from real-time meetings and brainstorming sessions.


When it comes to working from a distance and collaborating on the go, sometimes shared screens simply are not enough. You need your team to feel connected to your co-workers and keep everyone on the same page or screen.


With Communication & Collaboration, you have access to technology and software to make remote collaboration come to life, allowing multiple attendees to see, hear, and speak with presenters elsewhere. You will be able to:

  • See presentations and notes on blackboard.
  • Scan printed copies in a collective digital repository.
  • Download and print meeting notes, additional information or other relevant information.
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