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RICOH will help you develop a communications center that allows the company's internal teams to combine printing with other means of communication.


Customer Needs

The printing and management of digital documents remains a fundamental part for the development of any organization.



There has been a significant reduction in home printing in the last few years. However, the number of printed pages is high and could even be said to be growing in the business sector. For some companies, documents are printed due to legal requirements, corporate requirements and, in other cases, out of fear that digital information may be violated due to security breaches.

Printing continues to be a fundamental part of the development of any organization and, thanks to the integration of greener technologies and innovative features to manage digital documents, it is now a key to increasing business productivity. Many companies with a high-volume printing demands need solid solution capacities that can reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency.

The current business environment demands much more from printing rooms than simple capacities in copy printing. In fact, the printing room is rapidly becoming a communications center that facilitates the flow of information through many channels and media.




Printing centers have to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for many types of communications. As the need to customize tasks increases and regulations become stricter, there is constant pressure to offer more communication through digital channels.

RICOH printing solutions will help you transform your printing room into a strategic business asset that provides adequate communications through the most relevant channels. Our services offer companies the ability to:

  • Access an ample range of solutions for workflow and production printing products from RICOH, leaders in the market
  • Combine fast printing with digital communications Implement new ecological, profitable and innovative printing applications for your organization
  • Use centralization opportunities that reduce costs and improve the processes
  • Streamline and stabilize your production workflow for greater efficiency

Ricoh Solutions


Ricoh Solutions

Ricoh Pro C5200/5210
Pro 8200 Series
  • RICOH Total Flow Prep

    Preparation software that helps you quickly perform essential tasks, such as creating jobs, configuring page order, as well as assigning work and chapter properties.

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  • RICOH Total Flow Production Manager

    Efficiently program and route cut-sheet production printing tasks, automate manual tasks, create processes and manage maintenance issues with fewer human contact points and bottlenecks.

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  • Finishes

    We have a complete range of professional finishing solutions that include optional RICOH finishes online and optional online and offline finishes from our partners.

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