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Ricoh has been a leader in the printer and copier market for more than 80 years, since 1936.

The world's first affordable, compact digital office copier was a Ricoh in 1987. Since then, we have been a leader in office automation, changing the way people work.

Today we support more than 1.4 million businesses worldwide.

At Ricoh Latin America we help people work smarter with our technology solutions and accelerate our customers' digital adoption.

We accelerate the Digital Evolution with services that drives human value

Who We Are 1

Ricoh is a global company, born in1936 with 3 clear principles thatgovern us to this day and which ourfounder Kiyoshi Ichimura called The Spirit of the 3 Loves.

  • Love your neighbor
  • Love your country
  • Love your work

These principlesare the cornerstone of our way ofdoing business and encourage us toconstantly improve and contributeto the wellbeing of everyone aroundus, including our families.

Our Values:


Who We Are 2

Act from the customer’s perspective


Who We Are 3

Learn and improve from the facts


Who We Are 4

Respect all stakeholders and co-create value


Who We Are 5

Approach everythingpositively and purposefully


Who We Are 6

Break the status quo,to create value without limit

Winning Spirit

Who We Are 7

Succeed by embracingchallenges through courageand agility

Ethics and Integrity

Who We Are 8

Act with honestyand accountability

Our purpose: Realization through work

We transform work to unleash people from repetitive tasks so they can better communicate their thoughts and unleash their creativity and potential. Ricoh seeks to enable people to derive satisfaction from their work and what they can achieve. We envision for the future a sustainable society where job satisfaction and economic growth are in harmony.

Who We Are 10

Mission and Vision

At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find
Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future.

imagine. change.

This is more than a slogan, it is what drives our relationships in the present and what we use as our guide for the future. Each word challenges us to unlock the creative potential within all of us in order to dig deeper and dream more ambitiously.

imagine. change. These words not only describe what we do, but represent the essence of who we are.

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Corporate Overview

Who We Are 12

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