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RICOH Higher Education

Improve the higher-education experience for everyone involved. Discover proven tools and technology to help you streamline workflows, digitize and organize student records, and attract prospective students.

Welcome to the era of digital transformation in higher education

Consider a business in which the client is a digital native and perceives the world in a different way, with expectations different from those of previous generations. It presents higher education institutions and teachers with the challenge of finding ways to reinvent how to teach and relate to students.
MPF printer for higher education in library Institution Challenges Challenges faced while transitioning throughout higher education institutions.
Four students in park smiling. Student Journey RICOH facilitates the integration of the student in his new environment.
Teacher in white shirt holding a tablet with a brick and bookcase in background Learning Trends Discovering a new way of educating in higher level institutions.

Campus Experience

Ricoh helps higher education institutions to create the infrastructure that enhances the student experience.
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Academic Experience

Our Classroom Technology solutions help you provide a learning experience with space utilization capabilities and a paperless approach.


  • Campus Print

    Create all your graphic materials in professional print quality and optimize your resources with the ability to select different types of print according to your needs.​

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  • EDU Card

    The simplification of payment processes on campus, presents some of the most common challenges in educational institutions.                                               

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  • Student Records

    The retention, access and security of the information are vital elements for the handling of the students' files.                                                                                  

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  • Intelligent Classroom

    Adopt better educational practices driven by innovative trends to attract and retain more students.

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  • Test Grading

    RICOH solutions automate and reduce the time invested in this process.               

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  • Huddle Room

    Changing how people communicate, learn and collaborate.                                                                      

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  • Admissions

    Perfecting the attention to students during the admission process.

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