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Ricoh Healthcare

Connect your doctors with their patients in a unique digital care experience with Ricoh Healthcare.

​RICOH Healthcare allows improving key processes

Connect your medical staff with their patients the way they expect them to they expect: A hybrid experience without limits

It's all about people

Connect your medical staff with their patients through Ricoh Healthcare

Medical care tailored to your patients' expectations

Ricoh Healthcare is our people-centric approach to supporting the healthcare sector by offering a hybrid digital experience (Remote and Onsite) where it is possible to collaborate virtually, sharing information securely through automated processes.

Medical care tailored to your patients' expectations

Offer a unique care experience to your patients, medical professionals and administrative staff

Combine the solutions that best suit your institution:

Before receiving medical care

  • Ricoh TeleHealth
  • Ricoh Clinical Mobility

During medical care

  • Ricoh E-Form
  • Ricoh Patient Flow
  • Ricoh Patient Record
  • Ricoh Voice Recognition
  • Ricoh DICOM Cloud
  • Ricoh Electronic Signatures

After medical Care

  • Ricoh Managed Print Services
  • Ricoh Devices as a Service (DaaS)
  • Ricoh IT Services

Ricoh Healthcare components are easy to integrate, support you in reducing costs, meet the quality standards required in the sector, provide secure information storage and are environmentally friendly.



Affordable, eco-friendly medical images.

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Healthcare Meeting Room

Increased efficiency and productivity through digital collaboration.

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Healthcare Managed Print Services

Tailored solutions for the workplace environment of healthcare institutions.

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Healthcare E-Forms

Capture information in an agile, efficient and secure way.

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Accelerate your healthcare facility's digital adoption by integrating hardware, software and services through a single vendor digital service provider.

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RICOH Quick Approval
RICOH Quick Approval

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