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Better Experiences for a better care.
Similarly to what happens in other industries, the health sector has transformed at an accelerated pace in recent years. The increase in pre-requisites by government agencies, legal precautions and patient information has generated a level of complexity for companies operating in the health sector never before seen. It is essential that providers are prepared to face a new reality that requires greater efficiency and agility in health processes, while enhancing the levels and quality of patient care.

RICOH Healthcare allows improving key processes, providing benefits not only for the institution and the doctors, but also generating a positive impact on the levels of satisfaction of the main client - the patient.


Challenges of the doctor/health provider

  • Electronic Health Records lack of interoperability
  • Negotiate payments
  • Maintain certifications (Education)
  • The patient's frustration with rising costs
  • Patient satisfaction score and quality of medical care
Challenges of the doctor/health provider

Challenges of the CIO / CFO-Administrator

  • Comply with government requirements
  • Manage change within clinical and financial environments
  • Acquisitions, investments and technology implementations
  • Cost management

Challenges of patients

Patients often face challenges during their visit to certain health providers:

  • Difficulty when scheduling consultations and exams
  • Too much waiting time at medical appointments, results of exams and procedures
  • Understand exactly what your disease is, ways to prevent it and required interventions
  • Understand the instructions and procedures to follow at home
  • Understand account statements
  • Handle claims with your health insurance

RICOH proposal for the health business

RICOH enables healthcare providers the necessary technological contribution to automate and optimize internal processes and improve the experience of their patients, doctors and internal work team. Greater efficiency is reflected in less time spent on bureaucratic tasks, more time spent on patients, better care, higher income and lower operating costs.

RICOH offers a portfolio of solutions dedicated to empower the health business.


Doctors and health providers improving the quality of patient care

Familiarizing yourself with your patients' medical records, recording consultation details and filling out bureaucratic forms are some of the tasks that take doctors too much time and deprive them of spending more time on patient care. RICOH technologies facilitate collaboration and allow doctors more attention, which means more patients per day and consequently higher admissions to the doctor and the institution.

RICOH Integrated Solutions for doctors:
RICOH Voice Recognition
RICOH E-forms
RICOH SmartDoctor
RICOH 3D Print
RICOH Digitalization

Administrators handle better efficiencies

Apart from the good daily functioning of the institution and to maintain the overall operational efficiency of the work team, the managers of a health business must be concerned with taking long-term strategic decisions, including the reputation of the provider in the community and the quality of the services and attention.

Integrated solutions RICOH for CIO / CFO:
RICOH Meeting Room
RICOH (MPS) Managed Print Services
RICOH (MoT) Management of Things
RICOH Print Center
RICOH Digitalization

Patients experience higher quality care

The trajectory of the patient in the health institution can be painful at the time of scheduling the exams and consultations, long times in the waiting rooms and to receive diagnoses, understanding of account statements, or claims with your health insurance. RICOH provides the provider with the technology and processes necessary to significantly improve the experience of their patients through the automation and digitalization of processes. From the moment you contact your provider, your trajectory can be completely automated for a better experience and satisfaction with the level of attention from the institution.

Integrated RICOH solutions for patients:
RICOH Voice Recognition
RICOH e-Check in




  • RICOH DICOM Solution

    Affordable, eco-friendly medical images.   

  • RICOH Smart Doctor

    Improving the quality of medical care for the patient.

  • Healthcare Meeting Room

    Increased efficiency and productivity through digital collaboration. 

  • Healthcare Managed Print Services

    Tailored solutions for the workplace environment of healthcare institutions.

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  • Healthcare E-Forms

    Capture information in an agile, efficient and secure way.             

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