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The camera that captures everything in 360º

It is very easy to capture a spherical image or video in a single shot.
The camera can move freely and can be observed 360º,
image that can then be edited and shared.



If security updates are required for two years after the product is released or until the end of sales, we will release a compatible FW.


Record and recreate the real world in 360 degrees.


Discover a new world with photos and videos in 360 °



San Andrés Cholula | Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, México #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA



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Ricoh Theta Z1

360° for quality

The flagship model, achieving the
highest image quality in the THETA
Your world in 360° Your world in 360° The Ricoh THETA Z1 allows you to capture the entire scene in one shot bringing a whole new perspective to video and photography. The images can then be viewed in every direction, experiencing the moment as if you were actually there.
One of the most advanced THETA yet One of the most advanced THETA yet The Ricoh THETA Z1 is one of the most advanced model to date. Here the focus is on maximising performance, whilst maintaining the principals of THETA - giving familiar yet even more powerful experience.
Slim design with Organic EL Panel Slim design with Organic EL Panel Slim design with Organic EL PanelA lightweight, highly robust magnesium alloy is used for the external casing, By adopting RICOH’s unique folded optics technology allows for a slim body that is a mere 24mm in thickness. The THETA Z1 incorporates an organic EL panel. Here shooting information such as battery level, shooting mode, number of images remaining, the F value and ISO value can be viewed at a glance.
Ricoh Theta Z1

Newly developed lens design

This lens unit is significantly larger
than previous models and allows for
more light to be captured which in
turn reduces ghosting, flare and
purple fringing. The aperture can
also be adjusted to F2.1, F3.5 or F5.6.
Large Image Sensor and 3-Axis Stabilisation Large Image Sensor and 3-Axis Stabilisation Equipped with two 1.0" type back illuminated CMOS image sensors with a combined output pixel of approximately 23MP. Improved low light performance is achieved with a sensitivity of up to ISO6400. High definition 4K 360° video at 30 fps is captured with 3 axis rotational stabilisation. Exposure settings Av, Tv, ISO and M (manual) have also been added to allow for enhanced control when shooting.
Enhanced performance with RAW Shooting Enhanced performance with RAW Shooting The RICOH THETA Z1 can capture both RAW (DNG) and JPEG formats. This allows users to enjoy features found in traditional cameras such as DSLRs. A plug-in for stitching in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC has been developed called RICOH THETA Stitcher. This is provided free of charge. Developing the RAW files results in the creation of smooth spherical images.
Customise and upgrade your THETA Customise and upgrade your THETA Thanks to the Android OS users can expand the functionality of the THETA Z1, just like instaling an app on your smartphone. Genuine Ricoh plug-ins are available. Examples include wireless live streaming, automatic face blur, self timer and file cloud upload. Partner certified plug-ins are also available. With frequent updates, always ensure that the latest firmware is instaled.


We bring innovation and astonishment to the experience of the image


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