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STEAM Lab Solution

Encouraging children through technology


According to reports published by the Economic Forum World, it is estimated that 65% of children that today enter the primary schools, will work in jobs that do not exist yet. This future should be guided by STEAM.


Free class plans for STEM in your classroom

Ricoh and KidSpark partnered to provide you with access to STEM lessons for your school. Kid Spark's easy-to-use STEM curriculum can be taught in any classroom, by any teacher.
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In the future of our young people

  • What will be their world?
  • What will they work with?
  • What skills will they need?
  • How do we prepare them?

Skills & STEAM

1. Identify real and possible problems to solve (Open Mind)


2. Project-Based Learning or Problems (ABP)


3. Discuss, prioritize, search for causes and effects


4. Astonishment + Problematize + Solve + Communicate


5. Data + Information + Knowledge

6. Holistic and interdisciplinary vision


7. Create multifunctional teams from the intelligences


8. Propose hypothetical frameworks


9. Present "ideas" of: problems, causes and solutions


10. Prototypes of solutions


4 Phase curriculum plan

From the building blocks to robotics, the advance of the STEAM curriculum teaches students to look like designers and think like engineers


Problems that solve

  • Teacher training - First the teacher must learn STEAM.
  • Curricular progression (STEAM lesson plan) from kindergarten through high school in the local language.
  • Have the pedagogical instruments, laboratories, equipment and contents: ALL integrated.
  • Integrate the STEAM plan with the lessons they are already teaching.
  • Interactive and visual learning integrated with robotics, contents curricula and 3D projects.
  • Available in languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • Integrating technology, curriculum and training with a single provider.


  • The institutions implement a solid program for STEAM education from kindergarten through the last grade of high school.
  • Students achieve an immediate increase in interest in engineering after using STEAM Lab and develop soft skills along with engineering and science skills.
  • Teachers who use the program gain greater confidence, interest and participation from their students.
  • Parents satisfied and motivated with the education their children receive.
  • Leadership resources and innovation for the rector and improves the efficiency and motivation of teachers.
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