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Ricoh connects people around the world, equips your organization and unleash your business potential in the new digital era.
Ricoh Connected Workplace

Ricoh Connected Workplace

Is your company prepared to provide work teams agile, flexible and secure collaboration experiences?...

Ricoh Healthcare

Does your health institution already provide medical care adjusted to the expectations of your patients? 76% of patients are interested in receiving medical care through Telehealth…
Ricoh Quick Aproval

Ricoh Quick Aproval

Do you know that you can maximize attention to your partners to more than 75% of your current capacity? Automatize your credit pre-authorization process.

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Case Study

Case Study

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Renovation of the technological infrastructure of the classrooms, for a high level training in El Salvador.

Café con Ricoh


Our experts share their experiences

Café con Ricoh is a casual chat where Ricoh Latin America leaders have coffee and talk with special guests and experts on trends and exciting topics related to technology, innovation, sustainability, organizational culture, diversity, inclusion, etc. Play it!

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RICOH Smart Suite

RICOH Smart Suite

Managed services solution based on cloud

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