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Healthcare Meeting Room

Increased efficiency and productivity through digital collaboration

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The main challenges for health providers are how to increase their operational efficiency and improve patient care without escalating costs.


RICOH provides ideal collaboration solutions that provide agility, security and convenience to leverage the full potential of health staff in order to optimize patient care without negatively impacting operating costs.


Healthcare Meeting Room

Sharing knowledge, diagnostics, and decision-making are vital for the ideal care of the patient and for the healthcare company. But how to take advantage of them safely, keeping costs under control?


What do patients expect?

  • High level of medical care
  • Results and diagnoses on time
  • Affordable Costs

The ideal collaboration solution to save time, boost patient care and lower costs:


RICOH's Healthcare Meeting Room has a capacity for up to six people, but does not require a closed space or even need to be near a wall to make the projection. Its robust and autonomous structure provides everything necessary to facilitate a dynamic collaboration in an ergonomic way. Its firm and independent structure has a contemporary aesthetic that can be used inside a room or in an open space.


This all-in-one solution includes furniture, support and a 55 "RICOH interactive flat screen, which allows participants to project, interact or make video conferences quickly and easily.Your conference webcam has a wide field of vision and integrated audio that allows all participants to be seen and heard from all angles, as it expands and provides visibility through a convenient remote control


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Healthcare Meeting Room Solution

Solution equipment

RICOH IFPD - Interactive screen with a flat panel (55 ") with Windows® 10

  • Works on a 55 "LED HD screen
  • Impress with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Connecting laptops
  • Operate from the cloud and use your favorite apps with our Windows® 10 driver


  • Speaker
  • Camera with mic extension
  • Meetings from Logitech

Chairs (4)

  • Ergonomically designed to avoid distractions due to uncomfortable posture


  • For presentations, video conferences and online meetings


  • Device for video-conference: P3500M
  • Programmer

End-to-end installation, delivery and Support


RICOH makes Facility and IT managers life easier, as it covers every stage in the process of planning, deploying and maintaining an effective mix of workplace collaboration solutions for your organization. As part of our integrated offering, we provide:

  • Assessment and consultancy to identify the options of communications platforms to support your circumstances and objectives, followed by a targeted plan for implementing these within your operations.
  • A turn-key collaboration room solution that includes full design and furnishing of a room and installation of visual communications equipment and software, providing an optimal space for your employees to meet and collaborate.
  • Managed access to communication services, such as video and audio conferencing and virtual meeting rooms, on a usage basis.
  • Full support for the deployment of equipment, solutions and services, including user training, project management, service management and change management, to help streamline adoption within your operations.