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RICOH Managed   Print Services

Managed Print Services

Gateway to your digital transformation

We can transform your company to improve and optimize processes through the management of information from a single point of control.

Efficiently managing all company documents can be the key to success.

Today, companies suffer from a myriad of difficulties and problems related to documentation, such as excessive paperwork, loss and exposure of confidential documents, high maintenance and documents transfer cost, loss of printing control, among others. All these complications and disadvantages result in loss of money, disorganization, low productivity and low efficiency.

RICOH Managed Print Services

Take advantage of your assets, use them to your advantage

Our portfolio focuses on the management of printing within your organization, with a system that guarantees that we provide the best results and that exceed our customers expectations. We offer you to manage and monitor the workflow and keep it at the forefront.

We use a set of tools to discover, monitor, analyze, evaluate and address your processes bottlenecks, waste and improvement opportunities, ensuring you get the most out of your printing devices.

Distributed Capture

Distributed Capture

Staying ahead in the digital world is essential for any company that wants to stay competitive in the market. Having information quickly can be essential to create a competitive advantage. With this solution, companies can scan documents from several locations and send them to the central repository or the cloud for further processing and storage, scanning and going straight into the system. RICOH makes it possible to instantly move from physical information to digital and allows to share, process and manage information efficiently, achieving better business results.

Advantages of Distributed Capture:

  • Process time reduction from weeks to days
  • Increase competitiveness in the market
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Better and faster service
  • Continuous security
  • Scan registration
  • Greater efficiency

Mobile Printing

It is a fact that corporations are implementing the option to work remotely. This flexibility can mean the vulnerability of security in your documents, however, with Mobile Printing offered by RICOH, it is possible to maintain the same document security standard. With Mobile Printing it is now possible to print from any device protecting sensitive documents.

Advantages of Mobile Printing:

  • Stay updated on the latest technologies, workforce trends and mobile technologies
  • Productivity increase
  • Competitiveness increase
  • Security protection
  • Data protection
  • Time saving
  • Allow users to print without compromising security
  • Facilitates remote work
Mobile Printing
Device management

Device Management

Managing your devices in a centralized manner can be a huge challenge for any company. Device management is time consuming for the IT team, and workers waiting for repairs are left unproductive and frustrated. RICOH offers to automate many tasks necessary to effectively manage the fleet of your device, delivering all the necessary information when you need it most.

Advantages of Device Management:

  • Process time reduction from weeks to days
  • Reduction of printer assistance calls.
  • IT team time saving
  • Real-time visibility of the printer fleet
  • Reduced IT support load
  • Clear information on resource consumption and impact on costs and CO2
  • Sustainability report of the printer in use
  • Informed decision making about the printer fleet
  • Simplify and organize information for your benefit

Print Account

In the corporate world, information is found in various places, not just digital files and emails. Gathering it and making decisions based on it can be tedious and result in wasting valuable hours of your time. RICOH multifunction devices contain information on how they are being used and when making decisions it can be extremely useful.

Printing Accounting, as part of your information management strategy, allows you to understand and optimize users' printing habits.

Advantages of Print Accounting:

  • Better expense control
  • Non-compliance risks reduction
  • Printing expenses reduction
  • Company sustainability promotion through waste reduction
  • Accountability
  • Prints and copies control and follow up
  • Limit of user printing quotas and budget accounts
Print Accounting

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