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Forms of patient admission

Healthcare E-Forms

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Admission forms in Mexico, one of the largest markets in Latin America

Forms of patient admission


38% Consent

25% Patient record form

12% Admission authorization

12% Involuntary admission

12% Signature

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The immersion of the health industry into the digital age

Similarly to what happens in other industries, the health sector has transformed at an accelerated pace in recent years. The increase of pre-requisites by government agencies, legal precautions and patient information have generated a level of complexity for companies operating in the health sector never before seen. It is essential that providers are prepared to face a new reality that requires greater efficiency and agility in health processes, while enhancing the levels and quality of patient care.


According to a study by IPSOS in 2017, in one of the main sectors of the Latin American market, such as Mexico, only 25% of the different types of patient admission forms in hospitals are in digital format, which represents a opportunity to improve internal processes in the health sector, with a direct impact on the experience and level of patient satisfaction.


RICOH Healthcare E-Forms enables the transition to the digital era of data capture in the patient's path to be transparent and efficient for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.


RICOH improves the information capture process

RICOH Healthcare E-Forms is a solution that focuses on capturing information from hospital institutions through digital forms available in a variety of sources such as multifunction devices, smartphones and tablets, allowing then the delivery of this information to any amount of locations according to the institution's default workflow.


This solution ensures availability of information for users, provides compliance management and security within workflows, and increases the efficiency of different users of a hospital.

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The Benefits of RICOH's Healthcare E-Forms Solution

  • Reduces the cost of service
  • Faster and more efficient access to information
  • Reduces readmissions and increases quality of care
  • Improves patient outcomes and experience