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Ricoh Digital Logistic

Ricoh Digital Logistic

Simplify your warehouse processes, speed up your delivery times and increase your customer satisfaction with Ricoh Digital Logistics.

The logistics landscape is constantly evolving, facing challenges such as maritime traffic congestion, runaway inflation and geopolitical tensions. For your company in Latin America to position itself strategically, it is essential to operationalize integrated logistics capable of anticipating unforeseen events and allowing agile decision-making based on data.

Industry 4.0 technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cloud computing require smart, affordable investments that can prepare your logistics company for a fluid future. flexible and interconnected. This will provide you with the ability to lead in a volatile market environment and maintain customer satisfaction with agile and efficient deliveries.

Ricoh Digital Logistics Services offers a new standard of collaboration thanks to our Solutions Ecosystem. We transform the continuity and efficiency of your logistics operations through innovative and integrated technology, which helps you reduce costs from administrative areas to warehouse and shipping facilities.

Much more than a competitive advantage

Adopting logistics 4.0 can be a smooth transition. Although companies face common challenges, the key to driving smooth and effective acceleration goes beyond understanding it as a complex technological implementation; but a transformation that focuses on people.

Limited financial resources.

Resistance to change.

Lack of reliable connectivity.

Lack of digital skills.

Cyber security.

Integration of existing systems.

Ricoh Digital Logistics Services:

At Ricoh, we are leading this digital acceleration towards Industry 4.0, offering collaboration technologies that facilitate a seamless transition to digitalized work environments.

Ricoh Device As a Service

Maximize efficiency, flexibility and security in your manufacturing processes with simplified management of your technology ecosystem adapted to your needs.

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Training and Meeting Rooms

Salas de Capacitación y Reuniones

Optimize efficient collaboration and rapidly address innovation challenges in the manufacturing industry through a full-service connected workspace.

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Ricoh Smart Flow

Streamline the continuity of your manufacturing processes, optimizing time and resources, through a solid digital workflow solution adapted to your current level of digitalization.

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Ricoh Graphic Communications RGC

Eleva la calidad y agiliza procesos en el cumplimiento de los estándares regulatorios del sector manufacturero con el portafolio más completo de comunicaciones gráficas.

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Ricoh Managed Printing Service

Reduce costos en tus procesos de manufactura al gestionar toda tu información desde un único punto de control, utilizando el servicio líder de gestión integral de infraestructura de impresión.

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Interconnected, agile and secure operations.

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