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RICOH Digital Signage

Digital signage that helps you achieve your business goals

Digital signage is now used in many areas of life, allowing new information and applications to be shared like never before. 70% of customers are motivated or influenced by digital signage regarding their purchases

* Annual study of IAB's Spain carried out by Elogia Group *

Ricoh Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage shows that your company is professional, forward-thinking and innovative in addition to communicating the desired messages without interruption, through our technology to obtain great benefits such as:

  • Quickly share information with more people, in more ways and in more places, with vivid images that stay in the viewer's mind
  • Captivate your audience in new spaces, Advertise large with different screen sizes
  • Versatility of spaces and sizes so that you can show your communications in a modern and effective way
  • Capture attention on important messages such as offers, product launches, event communication, internal corporate information (HR)
  • Schedule and change content dynamically facilitating strategic decisions
  • Easily manage your content from any device with our cloud solution

We can help you create a digital signage solution for any industry or application.

Corporate communications

Share important company news and metrics with screens that connect to your company data and social media.

Educational institutions

Improve communications with students, parents, and teachers with screens showing school events, promotions, and photos

Promotions and sales

Drive sales with screens that showcase your latest deals, highlight your products, and promote your brand

Menus and visualization of offers

Save on the production of menus or posters showing information that is important to your customers, including menus, new products or relevant advertising

Ricoh's Digital Signage Solution has the following components:

  • Solutions consulting
  • Hardware & Software
  • IT service management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Installation, configuration and ongoing support

A commercial-grade digital signage solution gives you the durability and flexibility you need to communicate with your customers and employees.

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