Devices as a Service

Ricoh equips, implements and manages your devices.

Providing ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support. Equipping your organization to have the digital fluency it needs today.

Devices as a service

Ricoh is a reference and leader in the managed print services model and has been successfully outsourcing printing for its customers for decades around the world. Ricoh has created in the Latin American region unique capabilities and structure that include:

  • Microsoft Certifications
  • CompTIA A+
  • Network+
  • ITIL among others

All this positions Ricoh as a leader in this business model and allows it to expand the managed services model to other devices such as laptops, PCs, among others, integrating proprietary and third-party technologies to provide a complete service called RICOH Device-as-a-Service.

Ricoh Device as a Service

Ricoh offers an intelligent, centralized, flexible and comprehensive service that combines hardware, software, management, maintenance, service and support of your devices, allowing IT departments to reduce their daily device management burden and to innovate and focus their efforts on what is important: your business.

Our Ricoh Device as a Service solution equips your organization with services ranging from software installation, configuration, setup, installation, monitoring, maintenance and device management, including hard disk wiping services, uninstallation and discarding and much more.

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40% of companies 

have implemented DaaS or are considering it, recognizing its value and that it allows them to focus on their strategic initiatives.

Ricoh Device as a Service components


We understand that every business has its own unique needs, and we work with each customer to provide the best choice of devices (Ricoh or third party) that best suits them. Ricoh has partnerships with leading laptop and PC manufacturers, allowing you to integrate these devices into your managed service, fully equipping your customers with the latest devices.

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Devices as a service 3


We offer the best software and applications for business productivity. Ricoh is one of Microsoft's leading business partners worldwide and has certifications that allow us to take full advantage of Microsoft 365 capabilities

NOC Services

In one or more sites from which the monitoring and control of your company's computer networks is carried out remotely, guaranteeing their proper use and protection. Ricoh provides the following services from its operations center in Uruguay:

  • Endpoint Management (Devices)
  • IT Service Management (Help Desk & Support N1 and N2)
  • IT Operations Management (Network, Datacenters or Servers)
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Field Services

We have a team of qualified and certified technicians with wide geographical coverage, providing the necessary support so that any inconvenience can be solved in an agile and fast way. Including the management of licenses and warranties.

Life cycle of a device

1. Configuration and implementation

Devices as a service 6
  • Device selection.
  • MDM and BYOD policies.
  • Software imaging and cloning.
  • Device logistics and delivery.
  • Device installation and setup.
  • Data migration.
  • Cabling.
  • Device labeling.

2. Administration and support

Devices as a service 7
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Service (24x7 Help desk)
  • Service desk.
  • CMBD and ITIL.
  • Escalation management.
  • Remote support and IT dispatch.
  • On-site support.

3. IT Management

Devices as a service 8
  • Control and management of all devices connected to the network.
  • Predictive support.
  • Application performance.
  • Bandwidth and traffic.
  • Network changes and configurations.

4. Update and removal

Devices as a service 9
  • Data migration.
  • Secure wipe.
  • Equipment relocation.
  • Ecological removal.
  • Inventory and asset lifecycle.

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