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Improve your students' classroom experience while saving time and administrative costs.

Digital transformation in education

has accelerated significantly, especially in response to the need of parents for their children's education not to stop, but for learning to continue, even more focused on developing the skills and competencies of the future.

STEM jobs will experience 8% growth between 2022 and 2029.

The technological trend in K-12 education shows a 180° turn from traditional education to a more collaborative learning model. For this reason, it is key to prepare all critical areas to achieve deep learning, while increasing efficiency and security in administrative processes.

Ricoh Education K12

is a complete solution that combines hardware, software and services to facilitate digital adoption in primary and secondary education through a unique innovation experience that will allow your college or school to be recognized as the best option for deep student learning for having the appropriate tools and its teachers updated in current technologies. In addition to achieving greater agility in administrative processes.

Classroom Experience

  • Deep learning with STEM and 3D Labs Includes teacher training and academic curriculum.
  • Agile Education with mobile devices (Laptops, PC, tablets).
  • High quality printing of academic documents.

Administrative Experience

  • Savings in time with process automation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Secure storage of information locally or in the Cloud.
  • Greater control of documents with digital ones.
  • Video collaboration rooms to connect administrative staff in the office with remote staff.

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