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Ricoh Smart Finance By Accountfy

Streamline your accounting consolidation with our Ricoh Smart Finance By Accountfy Intelligent Platform

One of the accounting tools that every CFO should have in their financial department to achieve more efficient accounting consolidation, better budget management and access to accurate financial reports to speed up month-end closing!

Discover our comprehensive solution for accounting and financial consolidation.

Easily unify multiple information sources, such as bank statements, payroll, invoicing, ERP, and templates, into a single platform. Our tool extracts, transforms and organizes data, facilitating more efficient accounting consolidation, improved budget management and quick access to accurate financial reports to streamline month-end closing.

Ricoh Smart Finance Solutions

Ricoh Smart Finance By Accountfy is everything you need for effective accounting, financial and operational consolidation

Spend less time on manual and closing activities, and gain more time reviewing data and making decisions.

Consolidate different exchange contracts and promote eliminations between companies.

Create automated presentations and enhance explanatory notes automatically and efficiently.

Improve your financial planning and set clear goals for your business.


  • Automate manual tasks to save time and reduce errors.
  • Standardizes accounting consolidation, ensuring greater transparency of financial results.
  • Generate the accurate financial report you need with valuable information for more effective decision making.
  • Achieve efficient budget management to have greater control of expenses and income
  • Plan the future better with a financial forecast that allows you to minimize uncertainty and make more assertive decisions.
  • Ensure adequate governance with high security protocols.

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