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Healthcare Managed Print Services

Healthcare Managed Print Services

Tailored solutions for the workplace environment of healthcare institutions.

According to an Ipsos 2017 Healthcare study, 

the areas with high volume document printing are:

50%: Accounting area

25%: Microbiology, Reception, Warehouse, Surgeries, Administrative services, Emergency, Library, Photocopier room, Medical area.

Many hospitals and networks of clinics operate fleets of printers and MFPs in complex clinical and back office environments. Yet most lack a comprehensive view of where devices are located, how they’re being used and how much they cost to operate. That lack of visibility can result in poor device utilization, unnecessarily high supply costs, reactive maintenance that leads to device downtime, and missed opportunities to enhance document-driven business processes. Lack of appropriate safeguards and management tools can put sensitive patient health information at risk, exposing hospitals to potential health information breaches that can lead to reputational damage, fines or even lawsuits.

Additionally, hospitals and other healthcare institutions are confronted with the challenge of implementing green initiatives which require evaluations of strategies and additional resources.

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Optimize entire output ecosystem and become a Green Healthcare Institution.

Take control of the output environment

With rising healthcare costs and resource shortages, acute care facilities must maximize cost and process efficiencies to redirect both savings and human resources on higher value patient care initiatives. RICOH Managed Print Services for hospitals is a suite of services and tools designed to increase visibility, control and security of the hospital-wide output environment and the business information flowing through it. This solution can help in maximizing the value of output investments by rationalizing and right-sizing a fleet, establishing formal print governance and enhancing end-user authentication and support

Our value proposition

RICOH aims to redefine our partnership with hospital customers and healthcare institutions, helping them maximize their investment in print technologies by focusing on business processes and workflow improvement initiatives that enhance the end-user experience, while establishing environmental sustainability initiatives along the way.
Optimize processes and technology so administrative staff as well as doctors and other healthcare providers can create, store and use information more effectively. Our Healthcare Managed Print Services team works with you to develop the right output/document management strategy for your healthcare institution and to provide cost-effective managed services focused on environmental sustainability.

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Challenges of Healthcare institutions

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY PRINT: Excess of paper consumption due to poor output management represents a visible negative impact to the environment.

  • 8MM tons of office paper represents 178MM trees, which was what the US alone consumed in 2008.
  • One silge sheet of copy paper can use over 13ox. of water - more than a typical soda can.
  • Production of 1 ton of copy paper produces 5,690lbs of greenhouse gases - The equivalente of 6 months of car exhaust.

The Benefits of RICOH's Healthcare E-Forms Solution

COSTLY PRINTING: Unmanaged output fleets and low visibility to usage results in higher—and often unnecessary— spending on print. DEVICE DOWNTIME: Many hospitals lack resources dedicated to fleet management and maintenance. Without preventive maintenance, devices can break down resulting in downtime that hampers productivity. OVERBURDENED IT: With so many other responsibilities, IT management and support teams typically do not prioritize maintenance of the output environment. That can lead to poor visibility into the fleet, sub-par end-user support and a general lack of control over quality and costs.

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Main benefits of RICOH MPS


  1. Metrics for printing budget by department
  2. Print Policy
  3. Workflow Optimization
  4. Environmental sustainability - Green hospitals
  5. Reduce office paper waste (Estimated 11% to 3%)
  6. Fleet management reports - Device utilization
  7. Better manage print costs (Estimated 20% printing costs reduction)
  8. HIPPA compliance - information security
  • Device management and monitoring
  • Increased speed, quality and reliability of fleet administration

Our RICOH solution includes

Business Process Consulting (to understand key challenges and goals)

RICOH can help hospitals better measure and manage output costs; with our suite of tools for optimizing usage and change management capabilities to influence end-user behavior, you can get a firmer handle on actual print costs.

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Managed Fleet Optimization (to establish print governance and reporting)

RICOH can provide on-site helpdesk expertise to help manage devices and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.

On-Site Support (for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and ongoing analysis/support for fleet right-sizing)

Our tiered approach spans various levels of resources – including frontline troubleshooters who manage service issues (paper jams and low supply indicators, for example) and asset or fleet managers providing ongoing basic analysis. For the highest level of support, RICOH’s service delivery managers can provide agencywide strategy support for fleet management, operational processes and print policy management.

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Output Management Solutions (to enable better access along with greater control)

RICOH’s output management solutions help agencies take control of all MFP functions (copying, printing, emailing, faxing and scanning). They also enable pull print style printing with individual user-automated print authentication via Secure Access Card from any network-connected device. And with secure job release, documents cannot be printed or taken from the output device until users identify themselves at the device.

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