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How can digital workflows benefit your HR department?

Help your employees print important office documents when they are using their own devices.

Automate your business finances: start with these 3 processes

Help your employees print important documents outside the office when they are using their own devices.

Hybrid working is here to stay: but how to equip the company and the employee's home?

Hybrid working is here to stay. According to research by Korn Ferry, a global human resources consultancy, 78% of companies have already adopted this system or intend to do so. But this new reality still raises a number of questions not only for company employees, but also for members of their management and, in particular, worries IT managers

Smart classroom: What will the learning of the future look like?

Ricoh's solutions in the Classroom help provide a learning experience with space utilization capabilities and a paperless approach to reduce costs and maximize learning.

How to be safe without impacting productivity?

The more the digital world evolves, the more concerns focus on how to implement a security ecosystem around sensitive information held in the databases of companies and even public bodies.

Simplify the admission process in your Educational Institution.

The challenge of higher education is composed of an interesting combination of the natural evolution of new teaching methods and a type of student with higher expectations: having technology and social engagement as common ground.

Proactive cybersecurity is the future of IT

why is proactive cybersecurity the future of IT?

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Predictive credit application with AI

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