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Be creative and collaborate

with the new Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard models.

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Distance learning and collaboration solutions

The A6500, A7500 and A8600 are Interactive whiteboard that feature an integrated Android operating system and a few pre-installed applications that enable collaborative screen creation, MS Office document viewing, web browsing and screen sharing.
  • A6500

    For Conference Rooms and Small Classrooms.
    1 / 3
  • A7500

    For Meeting Rooms and Medium-Sized Classrooms.
    2 / 3
  • A8600

    For Large Conference Rooms, K-12 Classrooms and Higher Education Classrooms.
    3 / 3

Powerful learning and collaboration tools


Powerful learning and collaboration tools

  • Quickly start a class.
  • Browse the web or launch an application with a touch of a finger or pen.
  • Visit IFPD menus, tools, functions and applications via the customizable home screen and intuitive toolbar.
  • Annotate in documents and save them directly to the whiteboard or cloud.

Easy to use


Easy to use

  • 4K UHD

  • Automatic input detection

  • 20-point multi-touch functionality

  • Front hardware buttons

  • Versatile connectivity with front interfaces

  • Slim design


Integration with
Ricoh Creative Collaboration

Ricoh Creative Collaboration is an all-in-one solution that offers cross-platform video conferencing, wireless content presentation, a powerful remote display, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Brings interactivity to the classroom and the Conference Room.

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