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Ricoh Smart Doctor

Improving the quality of medical care for the patient.

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The amount of data in the health market is massive

In the health market, data is of strategic and fundamental importance for patient care. However, collecting, entering and managing the huge amount of patient data represents a challenge for the industry, which can make the daily work of health professionals somewhat complex and bureaucratic, and directly impact the performance of health professionals. in a negative way


300 books
it is what a person generates in equivalent to information about their health throughout life.

29 hours
They are the hours that doctors would have to read each work day to stay updated with new professional knowledge.

of health data are invisible to current systems because they are not structured.


Discover the potential of RICOH SmartDoctor 


Doctors currently spend more time involved with bureaucratic processes and documentation than with their patients. RICOH SmartDoctor can redefine this relationship and help direct your attention to what really matters - the patients.


RICOH SmartDoctor, a simple solution to use

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  • RICOH SmartDoctor is based on an application with a very simple interface.
  • It has a form that captures patient symptoms described by the doctor through dictation to text conversion (voice recognition).
  • Interpret the context and analyze the information, to identify potential diagnoses, recommend different procedures and propose their respective medications.

The Patient's Trajectory


RICOH SmartDoctor positively impacts several of the stages of the patient's journey.

RICOH SmartDoctor allows to improve key processes providing benefits not only for the institution and the doctors, but also generating a positive impact on the levels of satisfaction of the main client - the patient.
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Models of the RICOH SmartDoctor Solution


Models of the RICOH SmartDoctor Solution



• Artificial intelligence technology to interpret the information context

• Structuring and coding the data

• Filling fields in a form

• Integration with Enterprise Medical Records (EMR)



• Electronic medical record

• Clinical semiology

• Diagnostic hypothesis

• Clinical checklist

• Medical behavior



• Crowdsourcing

• Health analytics

• Facets of diseases

• Frequency and correlation


The solution has the following components:

  • Hardware & Software
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Professional services