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Data Data Everywhere

See how cloud storage can help make your ocean of data more searchable, secure and user friendly.

Are you surrounded by data, but can’t find anything?

You may have heard the phrase: “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.” The famous line comes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Coleridge paints a picture of being on the open ocean, desperately thirsty and surrounded by water. The water seems limitless, but not even one drop is suitable for drinking.

Like the ancient mariner, we stare into our own endless data oceans. These oceans are filled with what we almost want, but not what we need. As more and more information becomes electronic, there is a risk that bigger data sets -- which sit in hard-to-access systems -- will make the information we’re really after difficult to retrieve. Are you surrounded by data but can’t seem to find anything? Consider storage in the Cloud.

Storage made simple

Cloud storage makes it easy to replicate a set of files and share them. It also provides a versatile, mobile-friendly place to access information, giving you the freedom to move around and use different devices. Cloud storage is for more than just large slide decks, spreadsheets and PDFs. Companies are turning to the Cloud to house important data that needs to be kept secure, like student records, government forms and loan documents.

All of your information in one place

What types of data enter your business workflow -- photos, forms, signed paper documents? You can use Cloud storage as a central repository to house all sorts of business data. However, the more we upload or synch into our “folder in the sky,” the more we need good structure and processes so that we can retrieve the data files we need when we need them. Just like your computer’s hard drive and folders can become unmanageable, so too can storage in the Cloud.

Cloud storage meets document management

Sometimes basic Cloud storage is not enough. Sometimes you need real, structured document management. Historically, this has been the domain of large-scale enterprise software installations. The good news is that you can now get true document management in the Cloud. Think of document management as giving you an extra layer of software capability with top-grade Cloud storage. Document management is more structured than basic storage and gives you more control: consistent indexing of documents such as invoices or employee files, document version controls, audit trails and processing files according to pre-determined workflows.

With the right Cloud storage technologies, you can easily pull the information that you need out of an ocean of data.

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