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Ricoh, the right choice for Mexican SMEs to automate processes

Ricoh, the right choice for Mexican SMEs to automate processes

Workflow optimization makes PyME efficient

Ricoh, a global technology company specializing in office printing equipment, production printing solutions, document management systems and IT services, says that while large companies are rapidly moving business functions and processes to the cloud, many small and medium-sized businesses remain trapped in the constant back and forth of paper. Against this backdrop, an AIIMM study1 found that two-thirds of companies adopting paperless technology processes report a payback within 18 months. In the same study, 70% of companies indicated that they had an excellent return on investment in software that eliminates paper in accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. Companies also cited other benefits such as improved audit trails, faster turnaround time, increased productivity, and better tracking of process and workflow status.

Why digitize if you are an SME?

In a small office, it is important for everyone to be as efficient as possible, even if a worker has to search through multiple documents, productivity is lost. A survey by Software Advice found that workers in paper-based environments waste at least six hours a week searching for documents.

The fact is that manual processes are actually a growth obstacle for SMBs, even if you have an organized office where all documents are properly filed and all staff know exactly where they are. Digitizing records makes workers more efficient, giving them what they need when they need it, and allows them to work in more flexible ways, such as doing home offices.

Accounts payable - the natural business area to enter the digital age

On the other hand, the intense document-based workflows in the Accounts Payable area make it one of the natural business divisions to digitize in the first place, and SMEs are no exception. On a daily basis, these departments receive invoices in PDF format or by mail, a situation that makes the business inefficient, unless they have a data capture solution to identify, extract and convert them automatically, otherwise, the information has to be integrated manually. Ricoh Mexicana has the Pay Control solution, which allows to streamline processes by relating all documents inherent to an invoice. It also provides visibility and instant availability and users can obtain accurate reports. By implementing solutions such as Pay Control, you can also reduce the risk of errors that can occur if these processes are done manually.

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