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Air-e. Case of success

By María Alejandra Díaz, Ricoh Colombia


  • Air-e SAS E.S.P is a company located on the Atlantic Coast of Colombia and which is dedicated to the provision of residential public electric energy service.
  • It was founded in 2020, changing the horizon of electrical energy in the region and changing the lives of its inhabitants.
  • It came at a crucial time when communities longed for reliable electricity to light their homes and advance their lives.
  • The "E" in their name not only represented the energy they provide, but also the drive for excellence, efficiency and respect for the environment. The company set out to not only be an electricity provider, but a partner in the growth of the communities they serve.
  • They currently distribute and market energy for homes, industry and commerce in 3 departments on the Atlantic Coast.

The Challenge

The company faced a significant challenge that included the need to improve invoice delivery efficiency, optimize portfolio recovery, and modernize its billing processes. They encountered problems such as poor digital channels, regulatory delays and legal risks, which resulted in low levels of portfolio collection, cash flow impacts and increased administrative costs. This scenario compromised the company's image, making overcoming these obstacles a key challenge for its evolution and sustainability.


Understanding the need for efficiency and self-fulfillment, Ricoh offered complete solutions across its entire value proposition: We equipped the organization, deploying an invoice printing service that not only simplified, but boosted its operational efficiency. We unleash the potential of the business, automating traditional billing chains through the massive digital billing and systems integration service. We connect people, taking the experience to new heights with interactive digital billing and virtual care with agile solutions. Thus, under our Equip, Conecta and Libera pillars, we create a path towards self-realization at work, allowing our clients to work in a more intelligent and connected way.


  • Reduction in Operating Costs by 20%
  • Decrease by 35% in the placement of PQRS due to late sending of the invoice and due to differences in their duplication.
  • Increase in productivity in the billing, IT and collection areas by 15%
  • Reduction in invoice delivery times by 1.5 days
  • New marketing dissemination channels through email and invoice consultation web portal, improving the brand penetration indicator.
  • Guarantee compliance with regulatory standards in the generation and delivery of billing.
  • 45% increase in end customer satisfaction, due to the availability of their invoice quickly and easily.

Ricoh Latin America and Air-e are acting together in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better future:

Ricoh is a global company committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by solving social problems through business with the sole purpose of achieving economic growth, a better planet and a better society.

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