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Cruz Jiminian Clinic. Case of success

Updated by Luis D. Maldonado Sevilla, Ricoh Puerto Rico


It is a private health center located in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo D.N. Our vision is to offer a health service to the beneficiary whoever needs it, regardless of socioeconomic level. Through a team of highly trained professionals with great human warmth to serve and satisfy your health-oriented needs.

Their services include general consultations, specialty consultations, medical laboratories, pharmacies, diagnoses, diagnostic images, vaccinations, laboratory tests.

Cl\u00ednica Cruz Jimin\u00edan. Caso de estudioClínica Cruz Jiminían. Caso de estudioClínica Cruz Jiminían. Caso de estudio

The Challenge

  • Improve operating costs.Update
  • Technology of the different departments.
  • Minimize times for delivery of results and information queries.
  • Be more on par with the competition.

In addition, the clinic faced several challenges, of which the following stand out:

Reduce patient response time.

Lower operating costs since the technology was obsolete and acetate plates are very expensive.

Eliminate the handling of toxic material.

Store medical images for a long period of time.

Facilitate access to patient information, to speed up response time.


Based on relationships and understandings, what was a strategy to sell “Workplace” solutions, integrating the 4 Pillars (Team, Conecta, IT Team and Libera). As more elements of this blueprint are implemented, more points stand out.

Ricoh HealthcareRicoh Healthcare

RICOH Healthcare allows you to improve key processes, providing benefits not only for the institution and the doctors. Connect your personal doctor with their patients the way they expect: A hybrid experience without limits

  • RICOH DICOM Solution
  • RICOH Smart Doctor
  • Healthcare Meeting Room
  • Healthcare Managed Print Services
  • Healthcare E-Forms

“Ricoh has helped us evolve the medical imaging area to digital. This has helped us make internal processes more efficient, optimizing resources to offer better service to our patients. We thank Ricoh and our entire team for the effort put into raising the level of quality of our health service.”

Dr. Cruz Jiminián


We managed to reduce operating costs by 52%. They obtained a better result in response time to patients, from 4 hours to 15 minutes on average.We can project that they will have a savings of $213,399.00 US over the 3 years of business.

The center improved patient response times from 4 hours to 15 minutes on average, which in turn allows it to serve a greater number of patients, thanks to the improvement in the processes impacted by our solutions.

The radiology team can read the results and images remotely, via mobile device or computer.

They have less risk of environmental contamination, since all our equipment is recyclable and is manufactured in accordance with environmental laws.

Images print faster and more accurately.

Greater savings on services and equipment.

Security in business continuity thanks to direct technical service.

Ricoh Latin America and Cruz Jiminián Clinic acting together in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better future:

Ricoh is a global company committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by solving social problems through business with the sole purpose of achieving economic growth, a better planet and a better society.

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