Ricoh Latin America Encourages Breaking Prejudice

Ricoh Latin America Encourages Breaking Prejudice at its 6th Annual International Women's Day Event

Weston, March 2, 2022 - Ricoh Latin America today announced its 6th annual International Women's Day celebration, which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and joins this day to encourage society to break prejudices. Through a virtual event, the company is convening customers, collaborators, business partners and suppliers who will come together to discuss solutions with guests who will challenge to break the molds and prejudices.

Ricoh has placed support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the center of its business strategy, including the 5th SDG to "achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls."

"If you're a woman working in technology, well done! You've already overcome a lot of bias to get this far. But as a society, we still have a long way to go. At Ricoh, we are convinced that women's empowerment and gender equality in the workplace is one of the cornerstones for positive progress in society and we are committed to diversity and inclusion as essential drivers for personal fulfillment and collective success among members of communities," explained Lorna Hernandez, Vice President of Human Resources, Ricoh Latin America.

Three years ago, Ricoh became the only Asian company to participate in "Business for Inclusive Growth," a coalition of companies pursuing inclusive economic growth in partnership with the OECD. Among companies from Europe and the Americas, the central theme of the discussion is creating an inclusive workplace and society based on diversity.

"Profitability is critical to a company's success, but so is leading with empathy. At Ricoh, we are sincere and consistent in our efforts to empower equality. We care about the well-being not only of our female employees, but of everyone and society at large. We believe these initiatives pave the way for meaningful long-term change," concludes Lorna Hernandez, Vice President of Human Resources, Ricoh Latin America.