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INFOPRINT InfoPrint 5000 VP Color Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

InfoPrint 5000 VP

Color Continuous Feed Printer

Speed Through Deadlines — Outstrip Fast-Moving Demands


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Take on your toughest tasks

Your high-volume jobs require a printer that can deliver optimal performance on all fronts: speed, quality and reliability. You also need the versatility to adapt as market and operational requirements change. InfoPrint 5000 Volume Platform (VP) inkjet printers were built to meet your high-speed, full-color output demand — without causing new operational headaches — and for incredible ease of use, even with your toughest workloads.

Capitalize on reliable performance

Get the dependability you deserve. InfoPrint 5000 VP inkjet printers use proven inkjet technology found in all InfoPrint 5000 systems, which are used by enterprises, service bureaus and commercial printers around the world. A high-capacity internal ink delivery system cuts the need for operator intervention, so you don't have to wrestle with unanticipated labor costs, downtime and throughput challenges.

Meet the need for speed

Stop worrying about demanding service-level agreements — and speed through deadlines with high-quality results. InfoPrint 5000 VP models allow you to sail through tight print windows. With throughput speeds of up to 722 feet per minute, you can expand the benefits of digital printing across a greater number of jobs.

Deliver superior quality

Produce impressive full-color documents using unique imaging technology that jets dynamically variable drop sizes for each pixel on the page. A powerful controller and robust process management software help ensure superb print quality and minimize production errors.

Adapt and adjust cost-effectively

The InfoPrint 5000 VP is a printer that changes when you do, thanks to platform interoperability and in-field upgrades. Increase your print capacity as your needs change. High-speed performance — combined with a compact, versatile design — makes the InfoPrint 5000 VP models an ideal choice for precision marketing pieces, direct mail, short-run or customized books, and other transactional and promotional documents.

Extend your range

Make the smart choice for a range of transactional and commercial applications. A compact design plus low power consumption help reduce your operational costs. Thanks to high-quality inks and unique drop-on-demand technology at up to 1,440 effective resolution, you'll produce compelling full-color documents with superb print quality.

Outclass the competition

Meet the high expectations of your customers and stop turning down jobs. The InfoPrint 5000 VP handles diverse print requirements and lets you print on a wide range of paper. Leverage industry-standard data streams and workflow capabilities with support for Adobe PDF and PostScript. Produce at a range of speeds using water-based pigment, dye, MICR or other fluids in papers such as EP, recycled, ground wood, inkjet-treated and many coated stocks.

Get high marks for excellence

Getting — and maintaining — high-end customers calls for speed, quality and consistency. The InfoPrint 5000 VP advanced process controls help you dependably deliver with high throughput, accuracy and quality. Simplify job cost estimating, and optimize and track ink usage using integrated ink management tools. What's more, you can continuously meet demand for high-end printing with the longest-lasting printheads on the market.

We keep your business moving

We know that downtime is money. And whether it's shifting to a new printing solution or waiting on a faulty printer, you don't have time — or money — to waste. That's why we work with you to understand your particular needs and deliver the outstanding support required to keep your printer — and your business — running for years to come.

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