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RICOH Pro VC40000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

Pro VC40000

Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

Maintain market relevance with color, speed and quality

  •   Print up to 394 feet per minute
  •   Engage readers with up to 600 x 600 dpi resolution
  •   Integrate pre/post components
  •   Simplify color management

Stay ahead of marketplace requirements

Buyers of transactional and direct mail are asking for higher quality color and faster turnaround times than they’ve received in the past. With the RICOH Pro VC40000, you can address these emerging requirements and win new business while adding value for existing customers. The Pro VC40000 fits between our InfoPrint 5000 and RICOH Pro VC60000 systems in our continuous feed inkjet family, and protects your investment with open architecture, flexibility and scalability.

Produce more type of jobs faster

Requests for print on demand, short runs, personalization and customization are on the rise, too, so you need a multitasking system like the Pro VC40000 that can meet or beat tight deadlines. With diverse capabilities to offer, you can work with your customers to design and deliver output that engages readers and increases response rates — in your usual target markets or in new ones like financial services or insurance.

See the quality difference

With the Pro VC40000, you can count on consistent quality and uniformity that result from a special set of technologies. The Piezo Print Heads, which are proven performers for 30+ years, support both monochrome and full-color printing. Variable ink drop size results in higher perceived resolution, and tight web and advanced steering control enable precise registration. Low-temperature drying minimizes paper distortion.

Keep productivity high day in and day out

Many factors influence productivity and throughput, and in turn, customer satisfaction. The Pro VC40000 is fast, easy to operate and integrates with virtually any pre/post equipment. The touch screen interface enables operators to set up and run jobs accurately, and it simplifies color management. Different workflows can be integrated, even in mixed environments, and the 20.5-inch print width enables multiple-up printing.

Engage readers with superior quality and resolution

With the Pro VC40000, you can produce materials with a perceived resolution that is approximately twice the physical resolution. The system supports three drop sizes for each color, instead of a fixed drop size. Additionally, the latest aqueous CMYK dye inks extend your color choices.

Operate with economy in mind

Each print head uses a Piezo drop-on-demand design that supports high speeds without clogging and causing unexpected downtime and intervention. Only the print heads required for a job are used, thereby reducing ink consumption and extending print head life. The internal drum dryer and low-temperature drying contribute to energy efficiency.

Minimize operator interventions

With high-capacity ink cartridges, you don’t have to change out cartridges as often; but when you do, you can do it on the fly. The ink safe mechanism helps you avoid ink contamination so you don’t waste time and resources on that issue, and the color-coded cartridge caps and IC chips ensure the correct cartridges are installed.

Achieve effortless color management

To maximize ROI and customer satisfaction, you need to be able to fully utilize a device’s color capabilities without unnecessary complications. The Pro VC40000 simplifies color management by working with color management resources in your workflow, making color adjustments automatically and including color settings on the interface. Additionally, our color management experts can assist you with color matching, color conformance, color standards, staff training and more.

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Base Unit Dimensions (W x D X H)

WxDxH: 127.6" (3240 mm) x 73.6" (1870 mm) x 77.6" (1971 mm)


*Over 157 gsm, maximum print speed is 328 ft./min. (100 m/min.)
**Typical printing conditions for 20-24lb bond paper at 394 ft/min, dryer temperature 60° C

Color Inkjet

CF Color Inkjet

Datastream support

Postscript Level 3, PDF 1.7, PDF/VT, IPDS (IS3)

Digital Front End

TotalFlow R600A


394 ft./min. (120 m/min.)*

Resolution / Print Speed

600 x 600 dpi : 394 feet/min, or, 120 meters/min

Web Width

20.5" (520.7 mm) Printable Area – 20" (508 mm) (non-printed area 2 mm from paper edges)*

Paper Length

4" to 54" (101.6 to 1371.6 mm)


Color Inkjet: 4-color (CMYK), 2 bits per spot

Imaging Technology

Drop on demand (DOD), piezolectric
4-color (CMYK)
2 bits per spot
dynamic variable drop size at every point

Job submission

FTP, IPP, LPR, Raw Port, Operator Console, Virtual Printer/Hot Folder Support

Supported Software

Ricoh ProcessDirector for AIX, Linux or Windows - Version 3.2 or later releases
TotalFlow BatchBuilder for Windows - Version 1.1
InfoPrint Manager for AIX, Linux, Windows - Version 4.5 or later releases
Print Services Facility for AIX, Linux or Windows - Version 3.1 or later releases
Note: For Linux SLES or Red Hat

Media Types

Uncoated, inkjet treated, inkjet coated, pinless and pin-fed

Color Management

ICC Profile Support, Enhanced Color Management by Side and Object Type, Device Link Support, Spot color dictionaries (Pantone, Toyo, DIC, and HKS), CMR Support (AFP/IPDS)


Up to 600 x 600 dpi

Operating System


Recommended Humidity

40 - 60%

Recommended Operating Temperature

64.4 - 75.2° F (18 - 24° C)


6063 lbs. (2750 kg)

Processor Architecture

Intel Xeon x64

Paper Weight

40 gsm to 250 gsm


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