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RICOH Pro VC70000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

Pro VC70000

Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer

Confidently migrate offset print work to digital with the speed, quality and media flexibility your business is counting on.

  •   Print up to 492 feet per minute
  •   Support for offset coated papers and media up to 54" in repeatable length
  •   Features Ricoh extended gamut inks and advanced drying technologies
  •   Drive data-heavy workflows with the powerful RICOH TotalFlow Digital Front End

Meet the inkjet solution the industry has been waiting for

Elevate your business today and protect your investment for years to come with the award-winning RICOH Pro VC70000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer. Print on offset coated paper with no priming orpretreatment required with Ricoh's extended gamut inks and advanced drying technologies. Benefit from data-driven digital printing without compromising on media choices, quality and speed.

Support for popular papers, including offset coated

The Pro VC70000 enables printing on coated offset papers with no media priming or pretreatment required. Support for media from 40 to 250 gsm, including IJ coated, IJ treated and uncoated papers, allows you to make the most cost-effective selection for your clients. Print repeatable lengths up to 54", providing yet another way to print more efficiently and create less waste.

Get graphic and drive more print volume

The combination of features that enable superb image quality and consistent color also allow you to transition offset graphic arts work more easily to digital, including applications like direct mail, brochures, sales collateral, catalogs, custom publications, and more. Take advantage of greater short-run and fast-turn efficiencies to compete for a wider variety of profitable work.

Ricoh's inkjet printheads deliver precision results

The Pro VC70000 uses the latest generation of Ricoh's stainless steel, piezo drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, with 10 heads per color. Each can dynamically jet variable-drop sizes to optimize ink usage and ensure fine lines and text are crisp and sharp, color blocks are consistent and grayscales are smooth. Park color printheads when printing monochrome for more cost-effective operation.

Ricoh's extended gamut inks provide consistent color

The combination of Ricoh's new, proprietary extended gamut inks and innovative drying technologies allows for a greater amount of ink to be laid down, which means increased color saturation and the ability to produce a wider range of colors . When printing on offset coated papers, there is no need to prime the paper or apply a post-printing coating, saving time and both supply and hardware costs.

Advanced drying and cockling correction

The new, advanced drying technologies developed for the Pro VC70000 cure inks inline and provide outstanding results when printing on offset coated paper at high production speeds. Cockling correction irons and flattens the page, which is critical for professional results and produces less waste when printing on lightweight media, especially for high ink coverage jobs.

Conquer high-volume demands with speed and efficiency

Designed to produce offset-quality graphic arts applications at tremendous speeds, the Pro VC70000 prints inkjet output at up to 494 feet (150 meters) per minute. For jobs with an emphasis on physical image quality, you can produce 1200 x 1200 dpi at impressive speeds. Leverage media up to 20" wide for enhanced efficiency while delivering up to 40 million impressions monthly.

Print data-driven jobs with a powerful Digital Front End

The RICOH TotalFlow® Print Server R600A Digital Front End (DFE) is a robust, scalable platform designed to handle all your demands, especially VDP applications. The DFE supports multiple data streams, such as PostScript® PDF, JDF, and AFP (IPDS), without transforms that may affect file fidelity. Access color management tools, imposition settings and spot color dictionaries.

Accelerate ROI with expert Ricoh implementation

The implementation of your continuous feed inkjet system determines how quickly and how well you can generate revenue. The RICOH Core Inkjet Services team follows a step-by-step process that covers solution design, paper profiling, color gamut, ink estimating and pre/post components. Go to market with fully tested applications, confident in your ability to maximize uptime and stay productive.

Need more information?

Learn more about the RICOH Pro VC70000 Color Production Printer and how it may fit your business.


Color Inkjet

CF Color Inkjet

Color Management

ICC Profile Support, Enhanced Color Management by Side and Object Type, Device Link Support, Spot color dictionaries (Pantone, Toyo, DIC, and HKS), CMR Support (AFP/IPDS)

Datastream support

PostScript, PDF (APPE), PDF/VT, IPDS

Digital Front End

TotalFlow R600A

Imaging Technology

Piezo Drop on Demand
Dynamic Variable Drop Size – @ 2 bits/drop
Stochastic Screening
Ricoh Printheads – 10 printheads per color

Job submission

FTP, SFTP, IPP, LPR, Raw Port, Operator Console, Virtual Printer/Hot Folder Support

Machine Configuration

L or Inline Configuration

Media Types

Plain, General Offset Coated* and Uncoated, IJ coated, IJ treated, Ground-Wood, Recycled

Paper Length

4" to 54" (101.6 to 1371.6 mm)


Tight Web

Paper Weight

40 gsm to 250 gsm

Processor Architecture

Intel Xeon x64

Recommended Humidity

40 – 60%

Recommended Operating Temperature

64.4 – 75.2° F (18 – 24° C)


Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Resolution / Print Speed

600 × 600 dpi : 492 feet/min*, or 150 meters/min
600 × 600 dpi : 394 feet/min, or 120 meters/min
1200 × 600 dpi: 246 feet/min and 328 feet/min, or 75 and 100 meters/min
1200 × 1200 dpi: 164 feet/min, or 50 meters/min


Up to 492 feet per minute is 157gsm

Supported Software

Ricoh ProcessDirector for AIX, Linux or Windows Version 3.7 or later releases)
TotalFlow BatchBuilder for Windows Version 2.3
InfoPrint manager for AIX, Linux, Windows Version 4.8 or later releases
Print Services Facility for AIX, Linux or Windows Version 3.1 or later releases


4 colors CMYK

Web Width

20.5" (520.7 mm)
Printable Area – 20" (508 mm)
(non-printed area 2 mm from paper edges)*


9321.1 lb (4228 kg)



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