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Digital Signage Solution

Create impactful digital communications

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70% of the interviewed are motivated or influenced by Digital Signage regarding their purchases, according to IAB´s Spain Second Annual Study conducted by Elogia Group shows.*

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RICOH Digital Signage Solution is a digital communication system for all types of companies across industries.


Organizations have an essential need of communicating with their current customers and potential clients, as well as with their employees. RICOH Digital Signage Solution allows them to satisfy this need in a simple and cost effective way while creating impactful digital communication messages.


Create impactful digital communication messages

  • Project your message with confidence - and convenience
  • RICOH's Digital Signage Solution helps you share dynamic information quickly with more people in more ways. Place it in lobbies, museums, showrooms, education settings and more and customize your presentation to accommodate the size of the space – and the interests of your audience.

  • Gain the attention of your customers in a big way
  • Invigorate almost any special event with amazing high-quality images and customized messaging. Change the size of image to meet the needs of each new environment.

  • Impress with a larger image using three projectors
  • Bigger is better when you want to showcase your message. Captivate audiences in larger venues with an impressive wall display up to 18’ wide by 4’ high* depending of the model of the solution you decide to acquire.

  • Reach a wider audience, almost anywhere
  • The right message will get noticed, but only if it is tailored to the right audience in the right location. When your customers can’t come to you, use the RICOH Digital Signage Solution and go to them. Among our models, RICOH offers highly-portable.

*When using the RICOH PJ WX4141N Ultra Short Throw Projector.

RICOH Digital Signage Solutions Models


Corporate Information Administration

  • Smooth, dynamic and modern corporate communication
  • Replaces the millennial "cork billboard"
  • Valuable information and important announcements in real time

Food-Menu Administration

  • Substitutes of traditional fixed boards by dynamic images
  • Immediateness to change prices, offers and promotions
  • Savings in the production of posters and banners
  • Modern communication

Point of Sales Administration

  • Additional income by offering advertising space to your suppliers or stores interested in communicating in your company
  • Promote sales by communicating promotions, offers and / or launches

The Digital Signage Solution has the following components:

  • Hardware & Software
  • Content administration
  • Cloud hosting
  • Spots design

Main benefits:


Versatility: simultaneous portrait and landscape screen circuits


Flexibility: immediate change of different content in each screen

Remote management: we reach you wherever you are

Multiple users: offers, product launches, event communications, internal corporate information (HHRR)

Design: we create spots if needed