EQUIP your organization

EQUIP your organization

and respond faster to your customers

Digital transformation starts with the paper document

Accelerating flexible work initiatives in companies, combining paper documents with digital information in a secure and automated environment to facilitate hybrid work, is key to impacting people's productivity

At Ricoh we have expanded our "As A Service"

Offering with which we have reached the market by equipping organizations for:

  • Increasing business capabilities from print to digital services.
  • Simplifying complexity with robust and efficient technology infrastructures.
  • Building global services by harmonizing technologies and culture.

At Ricoh we have expanded our "As A Service" offering

Digitize and reduce time

Convert your documents to PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

Seamless integration

Scan to your cloud repositories. Print from the cloud.

Improve your workflows

Advanced scanning streams to multiple destinations and QR code use.

Store in the Docuware Cloud

Access information at any time and facilitate task automation.

Print contactless

Free your documents to print, without touching them with RICOH's smart multifunctional.

Always have the latest

ACT Technology (Always Current Technology) your equipment is always kept up to date.

Ricoh supports you in migrating from paper to digital workflows

Learn more about how Ricoh's end-to-end solutions digitally equip and transform your organization.

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RICOH Smart Suite

RICOH Smart Suite

Managed services solution based on cloud

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