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Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions

A flexible solution adaptable to the needs of any company, providing a comprehensive experience for efficient remote collaboration.

Staying in touch with colleagues, clients and partners is crucial

However, security is a top priority, which is why face-to-face meetings are increasingly taking place in the cloud. And, as offices reopen, companies will be expected to provide meeting spaces and connected technologies for their employees that facilitate remote collaboration.

Empowering productivity in remote collaboration

The office must be reimagined as places that inspire imagination, learning and of course dynamic and interactive collaboration between colleagues without the need for a computer, tablet or mobile device. The above, always maintaining a pleasant, modern and safe digital workplace.

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions

Smart Meeting Rooms

Structured meetings with communication

Workspaces are adapting to new styles of collaboration, participants need to have communications and tools that are easy to use and that allow interaction with clients. No matter the size of your organization, we adapt to your needs by offering solutions for small rooms of 2 people to large rooms of 16 people or more.

Our solutions give you:
Communication at any time.Wiring Reduction.Start meetings with a single touch.Flexible and replicable configurations.Project files directly from your PC among many other benefits ...With our interactive displays, transform your brainstorming and collaboration documents into unique experiences with multi-touch annotations, video and rapid exchange of information and digital collaboration between teams regardless of distance.

Take your team to a new level. Encourage collaboration, innovation, and engagement

We empower workplaces with Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards of different sizes, which allow you to take notes and share them in real time, project, draw and write, integrate participants instantly, and much more.

In addition, with the controller fully adaptable to your software, it is possible to save and work everything in the cloud, without the need to integrate a computer.

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions 1

Bring your team together to create true synergy wherever you are.

According to the workspaces, we consider aspects such as sound, wiring and image quality, offering the best solutions

Small Conference Room

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions 2

Medium Conference Room

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions 3

Large Conference Room

Smart Collaboration Rooms Solutions 4

We have what it takes to develop a smart video conference room that It will meet your needs and exceed your expectations

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