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Customer needs  and retail  trends

Customer Needs and Retail Trends


Welcome to a new world of disruption. Welcome to an era of Digital Transformation that impacts every single business… retail is no different.



With the emergence of new ways to interact with a brand across multiple physical and digital channels, many traditional retailers clearly understand the need of a multichannel strategy. The big challenge now is to move one step ahead by combining all experiences, offline and online that allow individuals to identify themselves and present a brand with the opportunity to access and to respond to their preferences across multiple channels. Brands who can best interpret omnichannel data and respond to their needs through multiple channels seamlessly are the ones who will thrive in this new era of the omnichannel.


As we get used to the web benefits, we as consumers expect to have the same experience when shop in a physical store. Customers expects to have clean and organized store, where they can easily find what they want just the same way as they browse for products in an ecommerce. They also expect to know more about a product by themselves without even asking for an associate's help, or to chat with an expert through any channel they want. That's the concept of Phygital, to bring the conveniences of a digital world they are used to, to the brick and mortar experience.


Because shoppers can get versed on products and services even before they step into a store, the role of the store visit is shifting towards a more untried experience. Customers expect to leverage the store to interact with the product leveraging new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. This changes the way retailers design their stores in order to make the brick and mortar space a more compelling experience.

Solutions to Improve the Shopper Experience

  • RICOH Clickable Paper

    Clickable Paper™ is an interactive print solution that bridges the traditional offline-online gap.

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  • RICOH MOT Click & Collect

    Cloud solution oriented to help companies to extend their delivery service to hours in which local stores are currently closed

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  • RICOH Dynamic and Interactive Digital Signage

    Dynamic Digital Signage works together with the Retail and Analytics solution to deliver dynamic messages according to the profile of the shopper based on gender, age and even weather/time of the day.

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