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Logistics and Administrative Needs


Customers have the flexibility to choose between the convenience of receiving the goods at home or pick up instore, taking benefits of time and cost savings.


Inventory Management

To compete in the market, it is necessary for retailers to have agile and efficient logistics that integrates new technologies maintaining optimal and up-to-date inventory and an immediate and effective replenishment no matter the size.

Last Mile logistics

Growth in e-commerce requires retailers to get more products to customers quicker and in a cost-efficient way. The supply chain must be aligned with the customer's expectations to provide the best customer experience.

Solutions to Improve the Digital Workplace

  • RICOH Management Printing Service (MPS)

    RICOH MPS solution helps analyzing printing needs, reducing number of local printers, replacing inefficient devices, automating supply delivery, managing remote printing operation and gaining predictability.

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  • RICOH Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions

    Personalized and integrated communication is the future: content delivers unique value and customers expect personalized interactions, consistent messaging no matter the channel they are using, and flexible purchase and payment options.

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  • RICOH Workplace Solutions

    Meetings can be more productive with responsive and intuitive web platforms that makes easy to: schedule rooms, send invitations, book rooms on the go using mobile devices, and more.

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  • RICOH Datacenter

    Protect the data with Ricoh world class data centers; get backup strategies, IT management and reliability for your mission critical applications.

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  • RICOH Management of Things

    RICOH's Management of Things provides your business with automated dispensing solutions for your assets - for a superior customer experience and lower costs to your business.

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