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Store Manager and Sales Operations Needs


The customer can now interact with the product, get more information and any other assistance, through multiple channels.


Customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Get to know the final consumer and gain deep insights with analytics. This way retailers can push more relevant content, measure and make better decisions.

Payment and Security

Managing cash is a burden for most retailers. The process of counting, recounting, tallying and balancing by hand, takes a lot of time each day and is not secure nor accurate. It is crucial to have finance and operations clarity into cash for the profitability of the business.
payment and security

Customer Engagement & Personalization

Retailers must be able to impact conversion as well as engage and encourage shoppers to partake in the experience created during their sales journey.


  • RICOH Process Automation (RPA)

    Increases productivity and reduces errors by automating the execution of repetitive back-office business tasks in the store.

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  • RICOH Cash Management

    Improve operational procedures based on analytics, enhancing manual cash handling process.

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  • RICOH Quick Content

    Push more relevant content and reduce time for promotions and marketing messages with digital signage, controlling design, and price updates by improving accuracy and compliance.

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  • RICOH Retail Capture and Analytics

    Count new shoppers entering the store, their journey through the store and identify areas where they spent most of their time (hot zones).

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