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Packaging in 2022: How can you maximize your business benefits?

Packaging in 2022: How can you maximize your business benefits?

At Ricoh Latin America we address some of the challenges involved in implementing Enterprise Content Management software, so that your work teams have a positive experience of the new application.

The packaging market is one of the fastest growing segments in commercial printing, and there is no slowdown in sight for 2022. This market is forecast to be worth $18 billion by 2023. This is made possible by recent advances in digital print technology. So how can printers maximize packaging for next year and the near future? At Ricoh Latin America we showcase some of the trends that will shape 2022:

1) Leverage personalization capabilities: Consumers increasingly prefer personalized experiences with brands. As a result, many companies have begun making more limited-edition offerings. From store shelves to home deliveries, marketers are creating unique product models and turning to packaging to provide this desired consumer differentiation. Whether you are a commercial printer looking to enter the packaging market or a company working with your marketing, design, or corporate events departments, it is important to visualize that in the near future, creating customized digital packaging for customers will be key to communicating directly with them.

2) Customized short print runs are in demand: Trends in consumer buying habits and retail distribution models are forcing companies to re-evaluate traditional production methods. re-evaluate traditional production methods. To remain profitable and relevant, they need alternatives to long print runs. Digital printing is the solution, as there are no minimums and fast turnaround times. Seize the opportunity to start creating these on-demand products and expand your on-demand products and expand your customer base.

3) Sustainable packaging: One of the top consumer priorities in 2022 is to purchase sustainable packaging. The impact a brand has on the environment remains strong, and is now a very important factor for consumers when making a purchasing decision. Brands will increasingly look for sustainable solutions for their packaging, labels and stickers, increasing demands for paper or cardboard and recyclable solutions, which fit with the sustainability values of the brand and the customer.

4) Already have the hardware? Now maximize the investment: Take your commercial offerings to customers to the next level with the production of small packages, labels, tags and more. Ricoh has developed the Digital Packaging Service - unique in the industry - to give our customers efficient consulting towards new revenue streams and higher profits.

Undoubtedly, by 2022 the printing industry will continue to evolve, as printers are reinventing their production equipment to remain competitive, increase productivity and expand their service offering. It is key for businesses in the print market to maximize the capabilities of their hardware and software to generate new applications and experiences for their customers.

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