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Mobile Device Printing Options

Mobile Device Printing Options

Find the printing network that's right for your organization.

Print jobs don't have to be confined to the office

As smartphone and tablet usage has exploded, mobile printing has gained significant traction, particularly as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend accelerates. Can your employees print important documents outside of the office, or are they stuck in the "dark ages" of desktop-only printing? The Cloud can give you the benefits of mobile printing: on-the-go printing of any document, anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-enabled device.

Each business must decide

There are a lot of mobile print options out there, so which one is right for you? Each business has unique requirements in regards to network architecture, operating systems, security schemas, mobile device types, printer/MFP makes and models, file format support and much more. Knowing your needs will help you determine the best mobile printing approach for your business.

Basic Cloud approaches

Though there are a variety of approaches to mobile printing deployment, think of mobile printing solutions as falling into one of these delivery method categories.

Delivery Method Print Data... Print Server

On-Premises Private Cloud

(High security level) Remains within network Internal

Public Cloud Service Leaves network External

Mobile Print App Hybrid – depending on the App, prints locally or uses a Cloud service to transmit data External or IP to IP

It's really quite simple - print data either remains within a network (private Cloud) or leaves the network (public Cloud). Of course, multiple delivery methods may be available to mobile users within a single deployment – but whether the data traverses an internal or external network to its final destination, the printer, that process is transparent to the user.

"Cloud" means the computing infrastructure

A private Cloud is operated and managed solely within an organization, while a public Cloud leverages the Internet – and a network of secure data centers – to provide services, e.g., mobile printing, document storage/retrieval, etc. Private or public, a Cloud-based printing platform supports one or more ways to print documents, via email, Web upload, mobile app or "Cloud" print driver.

Mobile-friendly printing solves problems

The right approach to mobile printing can help you stay productive wherever business takes you. Have you ever had this happen?

Need handouts for an upcoming presentation while traveling

You have to sign a document stored on your phone

A client requests a printout of a particular document

Battery is low and you need to print something immediately

You need to print a final proposal for signature while with a customer

Service technician needs sections of a manual or a service form to sign

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