IT departments free themselves from repetitive processes and maximize their digital transformation with Ricoh Solutions Hub

IT departments free themselves from repetitive processes and maximize their digital transformation with Ricoh Solutions Hub

Companies are accelerating their digital transformation as a determining factor for their growth and survival in an increasingly competitive market that demands constant innovation. To achieve this, organizations are looking for flexible solutions. In recent months, the adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) has grown 30% as they enable new business processes and agile responses to the needs of operations [1]

"To innovate and keep up with the changing demands of the market, companies today face important challenges such as being always available and connected to their customers, minimizing information security risks, achieving a remote, simple, efficient and secure work that maintains proactive business continuity. All this through immediate IT support at any time and place to maintain the productivity of their employees and streamline operations," explains Juan Carlos Tercero, Senior Manager IT Services Sales at Ricoh Latin America.

Meeting these challenges puts a great deal of pressure on enterprise IT areas and staff, not to mention that, for example, 65% of a workday's time is spent by information security leaders on non-technical and operational activities, rather than focusing on being more strategic in preventing security threats [2]

Knowing the multiple challenges faced by organizations in the region, Ricoh Latin America introduces Ricoh Solutions Hub, which combines certified specialists, state-of-the-art tools and processes to deploy and manage devices, providing permanent remote monitoring, operation and support to minimize information security risks and protect data to counter external threats, when and where needed. In this way, the IT department can address existing challenges and focus on more strategic activities for business growth.

Specifically Ricoh Solutions Hub offers companies:

1) IT Management Services with the objective of solving these different challenges and making the IT area more efficient:

  • Device Management: Allows you to focus on the business, while Ricoh deploys, monitors and manages PCs and mobile devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Server and network management: Access to all the network resources and servers the company needs, while significantly reducing infrastructure, maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Service Desk: It allows the IT team to focus on executing the business strategy, based on improvements and innovation for digital transformation, instead of providing day-to-day IT support by performing repetitive tasks. This Service Desk is available 24/7 and with the agility that users need.

2) Managed Cloud Services so that companies can take advantage of the scalability of the Cloud infrastructure to meet current and future business needs, without overhead costs:

  • Cloud Adoption Services: Ricoh helps establish a "roadmap", a strategy for improving the scalability of cloud infrastructure aligned to the long-term storage vision, while reducing costs and risks.
  • Cloud hosting to leverage the advanced tools and scalable infrastructure of the public cloud. Also maintain control of key systems with a private cloud of your own. Or do both with a hybrid cloud tailored to the business.
  • Cloud backup and disaster recovery: Businesses can leverage Ricoh's disaster recovery-as-a-service solutions to back up and protect your data. Achieve remediation in hours, not days.
  • Cloud Migration: Ricoh supports to create and plan the strategy to migrate from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Cloud Operation and Orchestration: End-to-end centralized management service for a "Multi Cloud" solution (Public, private or hybrid), optimizing the use of resources and associated costs.

3) Cybersecurity service: Ricoh helps protect organizations against cyber threats with advanced industry solutions, 24/7 monitoring and remediation:

  • Risk Identification: Security auditing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, compliance with security standards.
  • Edge security.
  • Cloud and network security.
  • End Point Security and Ransomware protection.

"With this specialized service, Ricoh becomes the extended arm of business. We help execute digital transformation with services and solutions that increase the productivity and performance of companies to grow and adapt their businesses to the new digital era," concludes Juan Carlos Tercero.