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Ricoh Latin America announces it's focus as a leading digital services company

Weston, May 4, 2021 - The constant organizational evolution and digital fluidity is the norm today in organizations that need to increase their business capabilities and solve real challenges in the face of a changing environment. The big challenge facing organizations today is already beyond adoption per se, it is about how to accelerate this adoption and drive human value. To address these challenges, Ricoh is launching to market a new digital services proposition that seeks to respond to trends that already existed, but have been enhanced in recent months:

Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Enterprises need to focus on achieving their business and organizational goals, not on the complexity of IT. This makes it critical for companies to rely on technology providers capable of delivering a robust IT infrastructure, and decision makers are increasingly looking to Solutions as a Service (XaaS). In response to this need, Ricoh has expanded its "As a Service" offering, with which it has been in business for decades, to equip organizations from its traditional print service (MPS) to PCs, laptops and software, all under a digital services contract that enables its customers to cover all IT infrastructure needs (including printing), from design, implementation and support of everything organizations need, regardless of size or scale. Importantly, this is a powerful value proposition for global and regional customers looking to standardize and simplify their IT needs across the territories in which they operate.

This offering also expands to Datacenters and Networking services, with local and remote support through the Networking Operations Center (NOC), which has evolved to provide better assistance to operators ready and certified to provide the best customer service regionally.

"We have expanded our Regional Operations Center (ROC) located in Montevideo, Uruguay, using the latest remote support technologies, many of which we sell as RPA, for example, precisely to meet this growing market need," says Jose Alejandro Tomás, Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience at Ricoh Latin America."

New Workstyles in a Hybrid Work Environment

Companies require digital solutions that keep their employees, customers and partners connected and collaborating in real time securely both at home and in the office, streamlining new ways of working in these hybrid environments. Ricoh is about integrating solutions to facilitate efficient collaboration and connect people from wherever they are. This includes design, implementation, support, consulting and specialized on-site staff to deliver everything integrated as a digital service.

The same technology for hybrid environments is key for the education sector, both in the classroom and at home. Ricoh offers its Intelligent Classroom solution allowing educational institutions to develop academic programs in an agile and dynamic way, making the teacher's job much easier, even with part of their students participating in the class remotely.

Automation for efficiencies

The big challenge for organizations already goes beyond digital transformation and focuses on human transformation, where people need to boost their potential through technology that optimizes and above all frees employees from repetitive tasks and manual processes, so they can spend more time growing their business by boosting human value. This is why Ricoh unleashes the potential of people by replacing manual and repetitive procedures with Digitization and Automation Solutions. In addition, Ricoh optimizes processes with RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions to improve decision making by transforming data into valuable information and insights to contribute to business success.

"It is clear that digital transformation of enterprises is no longer an option. Organizations need to visualize digital fluency as a fundamental factor in achieving motivated and productive employees while increasing competitiveness and market leadership. Our mission at Ricoh is to help companies accelerate digital adoption to build an agile, connected and productive digital ecosystem," concludes Fernando Maroniene, Vice President of Marketing for Ricoh Latin America.

Ricoh's focus this new fiscal year is to accelerate digital adoption throughout the Latin America region by offering products and solutions that drive human value, equipping organizations, connecting people and unleashing the potential of human talent for greater digital fluency.

" Ricoh has been committed to improving the lives of people, the environment and society for more than 85 years. Aware of the new era of human transformation we are experiencing through the digital empowerment of people, we adapted our value proposition to a complete portfolio of digital solutions and services that transform traditional businesses to digital businesses focused on driving human potential. The success of our customers is our driving force," said Diego Imperio, president and CEO of Ricoh Latin America


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Ricoh equips organizations, connects people and unlocks human talent to accelerate digital adoption and digital ecosystems globally through innovative technologies and services that enable people to work smarter. For more than 80 years, Ricoh has driven innovation and is a leading provider of solutions for document management, IT services, communications services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras and industrial systems.

Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group operates in approximately 200 countries and regions. In the fiscal year ended March 2020, the Ricoh Group reported worldwide sales of 2,008 trillion yen (approximately 18.5 billion USD).

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