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Ricoh Latin America announces it's focus as a leading digital services company

Ricoh Latin America announces it's focus as a leading digital services company

The constant organizational evolution and digital fluidity is the norm today in organizations that need to increase their business capabilities and solve real challenges in the face of a changing environment.

Ricoh Latin America announced the expansion of operations of its Distribution Center located in Uruguay. Along with the capacities and services expansion, the former Ricoh Latin America’s Distribution Center (RDC) will be called ROC, Ricoh Operations Center, from now on.

This change is due to the fact that the location not only functions as a distribution center, but also as an Operations Center. The purpose of this is to establish this center as a solid point of contact with both clients and distributors.

Tabobá Falero, General Manager of RICOH South America Distribution Center – Uruguay, explains: “Continuing with our commitment to offering excellence in our services to clients and distributors, Ricoh aims for the expansion of its center in Uruguay. We are proud to have a location that will strengthen our communication and efficiency in operations even more.".

Currently, Ricoh Operations Center focuses in two main activities such as Regional Distribution Center and Regional Support Center. With this expansion, the ROC becomes a centralized point of operations, with omni-channel assistance and 24/7 service, thus, allowing clients, distributors and dealers to get faster and more efficient support.

This effort of Ricoh Latin America was developed with the purpose of offering a client experience of the highest level, considering the evolution in business processes related to digital transformation, in which the client wants to have different options, be able to communicate as they deem it convenient and, most importantly, immediately and easily.

In conclusion, Ricoh Operations Center (ROC) has become a complete operations center, focused on delivering a better and faster service to all distributors and clients of the region at all times.