Ricoh Latin America goes one step further in intelligent workflow automation with "Smart Integration Advanced Workflow"

Ricoh Latin America goes one step further in intelligent workflow automation with "Smart Integration Advanced Workflow"

Ricoh Latin America announces the new "Smart Integration Advanced Workflows" technology to its multifunction printers (MFPs) with the objective of helping to increase productivity and mobility for businesses by automating their normally time-consuming document workflows. Now the workforce can get their documents where they need them, in the right format, without the need for new hardware, software or infrastructure.

Smart Integration Advanced Workflows simplifies workflows by automatically routing documents to compatible local folders and cloud accounts. It also includes native integration with SharePoint®.

"Our goal is to meet the evolving needs of the digital workplace by driving digital transformation. In this context, increasing intelligence and automation in document workflows is key to gaining the agility that businesses now require. The launch of Smart Integration Advanced Workflows is the perfect match for Ricoh MFPs. The capabilities are delivered through the cloud, so getting started is easy and affordable. There are no capital expenditures, on-site servers, or special software to implement," explains Kristal Piccolo, Marketing Director, Ricoh Latin America.

Smart Document Workflows: How does it work?

When a collaborator scans multiple documents, Smart Integration Advanced Workflows can automatically sort the file types and route them to the appropriate destination, whether it's a local folder, a watch folder that synchronizes with a system or database, or in the cloud. Simply select the desired file format, settings and destinations and the documents will appear as editable and searchable digital files. The user can preconfigure these settings and save them as a reusable workflow profile.

Smart Integration Advanced Workflows also enables the following functions:

  • Scan to SharePoint Online®: When the person scans to a document library in SharePoint Online®, the metadata fields will be automatically populated based on the information provided at the MFP. No need for complicated configurations: Advanced Workflows extracts existing tags in SharePoint®. This makes it very easy to find files when needed.
  • Fast document routing using QR codes: This technology allows you to automatically route documents quickly with the help of QR codes. Documents with embedded QR codes can be scanned and routed to the correct location. It also allows you to print a cover page with an embedded QR code and place it on top of each document to be scanned for automatic routing, folder/file creation and naming.
  • Simplify mobile printing: This feature enables simple, efficient and secure mobile printing without the need for complex infrastructure or print drivers. In addition, confidential information is protected with secure document release, which requires a print release code to be entered before printing the document.