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Co-creation and co-innovation: Ricoh Latin America's proposal to accelerate the digital adoption of companies

Co-creation and co-innovation: Ricoh Latin America's proposal to accelerate the digital adoption of companies

Panamá, April 16th, 2024 – Ricoh Latin America celebrates from April 15 to 19 in Panama City, Panama, its SUMMIT 2024 with the name “Acceleramos Juntos” (We Accelerate Together). This is the largest annual event at regional level in which Ricoh presents its latest digital service offerings through an exceptional technological experience, bringing together the best brands of technology solutions in Latin America.

More than 400 people will participate in the event, including customers (from 12 countries in Latin America), Alliance Partners and sponsors such as Ingram Micro, Zebra, ManageEngine, Logitech, Kramer, Dell Technologies, among other relevant allies, and collaborators of the company, who will hear from experts about the main trends in automation, new work styles, Artificial Intelligence, new IT models, etc.

“We are excited about the start of this Summit 2024 in which we will bring together hundreds of people to discuss solutions that accelerate digital adoption in companies through process automation and generate exceptional technological experiences in the workplace. We know that the great challenge facing organizations today includes not only the successful integration of new technologies, but also ensuring the sustainability of their businesses.

At Ricoh we put our customers at the centre of everything we do, to establish strategic relationships that help them transform their companies; we are close to our business partners who help us to have a presence throughout Latin America and proof of this is this five-day event, which brings us all together, including our team of collaborators to co-create and find ways to continue “Accelerating Together”, says Diego Imperio, President & CEO of Ricoh Latin America.

One of the novelties of this year's Summit is that there will be panels and events by industry to analyze their technological challenges and challenges in sectors such as: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Finance and Education. Ricoh Latin America has a value proposition for each one:

  • Healthcare: Technology focused on improving the patient experience. To achieve this, Ricoh integrates technology that helps medical personnel to be closer to their patients and have a complete vision of medical management.
  • Education: Technology trends in this sector show a 180° turn from traditional education to a more hybrid and collaborative learning model. For this reason, it is key to prepare all critical areas to achieve deep learning, while increasing efficiency and security in administrative processes. Therefore, Ricoh equips your organization with digital tools that allow you to adapt educational models and monitor the evolution of students.
  • Finance: Security and speed in customer transactions means trust. Therefore, Ricoh implements together with the customer solutions that support the secure self-management of its customers and streamline processes.
  • Manufacturing: Efficiency is a fundamental value for companies in this sector to make them more competitive. Ricoh's solutions are tailored to reduce costs and manual processes, minimizing errors and ensuring business continuity.
  • Logistics: Reaching customers with speed while saving time and resources is paramount for companies in this sector. Aware of this, Ricoh has solutions to keep employees and others involved in each delivery connected and thus optimize management in the long term.
Ricoh's focus this new fiscal year is to continue driving together the acceleration of digital adoption throughout the Latin American region. In collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industry, Ricoh designs, configures, implements, and services digital workspaces covering a wide range of solutions for businesses throughout the Latin American region.

About Ricoh

Ricoh is a leading provider of integrated digital services and print and imaging solutions designed to support digital transformation of workplaces, workspaces and optimize business performance. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh’s global operation reaches customers in approximately 200 countries and regions, supported by cultivated knowledge, technologies, and organizational capabilities nurtured over its 85-year history. In the financial year ended March 2024, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,348 billion yen (approx. 15.5 billion USD). It is Ricoh’s mission and vision to empower individuals to find Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future. 

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Created On 16 April 2024 - Modified On 25 June 2024