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What Marketing and Sales Demand in the digital age?


Marketing and sales in this digital age demand data. Professionals can't make important decisions without knowing how their target audience will respond, and that requires access to real-time, up-to-date information from a wide variety of channels.

But.... in many companies, the reality is still different. Teams in these two areas travel through airports, organize teleconferences, conduct meetings, make virtual presentations, and conduct training sessions, and it takes a long time to close a deal. To gain more agility and speed, it is essential that teams have digital workflows that can easily access information, statistics, and data without having to navigate through different channels.

How do you do that? Keep in mind these 5 improvements you could achieve with a digital workflow solution:

Documents Anywhere

Every client record is centralized, organized, and ready when you need it: on the road before a presentation, at a client's office, meeting with a partner. For example, with the DocuWare solution you can have immediate access to emails, quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts, and presentations filed on any device.

Take control of the contracts

There' s no scope for error in contract management and no time to waste in concluding contracts. A digital workflow solution has to allow you to manage versions, check related documents such as invoices, request approval and e-signatures, and set reminder tasks for renewals and extensions.

Staying inside Business Email

The inbox is the vital hub: key messages from colleagues, prospects, partners and customers must be carefully managed and often securely archived. Store and search messages and attachments with DocuWare's native integration with Outlook or other email.

Management of marketing content

Getting marketing materials off cluttered shared drives and slow VPNs is critical. With this solution, marketing colleagues can centralize and organize brochures, presentations, newsletters, templates, and more, then make them available through integrated lists and portal searches or other applications.

Directly access customer documents from the CRM register

Your CRM is the system of record for all sales activities. The DocuWare integration allows you to retrieve proposals, contracts, orders, statements, invoices and more directly from the context of the customer or partner record.

To conclude, DocuWare document management software gives marketing and sales professionals access to customer statistics and feedback information in a secure, easy-to-use format. It allows departments to focus their efforts on lead generation and company positioning, while spending less time researching data that should be readily available.


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