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Ricoh IT Services and Consulting Services

We develop strategies and tools to deal with the excess of information.


We are in the age of digital transformation

The ability to reinvent the digital business is determined by a clear digital strategy with the support of leaders who foster a culture capable of changing and driving innovation.

Ricoh Services customizes solutions and provides financial resources that empower companies to achieve any business goals.


Consulting Services - Face the challenges of digital transformation 

  • Business Content Management

    Our consultants accompany and assist you with managing the implementation of the optimized process, giving you the opportunity to deploy the Enterprise Content Manager (ECM).                                   

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  • Optimization of Business Processes

    Ricoh's team of consultants will diagnose the health of your company, comparing the performance of processes vs. standards or metrics.                                                                                 

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  • Organization Change Management

    Our consultants focus on making a joint plan to execute the changes from the defined AS-ISal TO-BE, taking metrics from the beginning, and measured at the end of the execution of the plan. 

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IT Services - Support for your Digital Business

  • Cloud Services

    At RICOH we have a deep understanding of the tools and methodologies needed to design, implement and adopt the use of a public, private or hybrid cloud within your organization.                  

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  • Infra-structure Services

    We manage the full range of IT support and consulting services you need, from the integrated capabilities of our Help Desk, to local and international service teams.                                                                   

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  • Cognitive Services

    The exponential growth of data traffic in terms of speed, variety and volume presents a huge challenge that today is being handled by Big Data systems. RICOH provides the tools to improve the interpretation of these large volumes of structured and non-structured data.

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  • Managed IT Services

    Turn to the Managed IT Services offered by Ricoh. We’ll address technical issues quickly and efficiently, and keep information secure and accessible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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